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Adam Mar 31st, 2002 06:55 AM

Paranoia creeping in
I am doing a European Delivery of a new BMW in June. I pick the car up in Munich and had planned to spend a good deal of time driving in Italy (Venice-San Gimignano-Cinque Terre). <BR><BR>The problem is, the more I read about Italy the more paranoid I am about taking my new car there. The expense (tolls/gas)and hassle of driving (traffic) I can deal with, but when I read that cars in Italy are "routinely vandalized or stolen" I get nervous. I wouldn't care if it were a rental car but I don't want anything to happen to MY car. Its insured but I would rather not have anything happen to it.<BR><BR>What experiences have people had driving in Italy? Am I likely to be OK since I'm not going near Rome or Naples? Are my concerns justified or am I making too much of this?<BR><BR>Thanks.

Rex Mar 31st, 2002 08:40 AM

If I were doing this (right! with three kids in college - - a new BMW - - don't I wish!) - - I would suggest you consider staying on Lido. That way your car can be parked where you can feel safer about it.<BR><BR>I'm not talking about excess paranoia. After all, someone can ding your car any day in the grocerystore parking lot, as long as you own it. I'm just thinking that it will be like your "new baby" - - and personally I wouldn't want to leave it unattended on Trochetto - - even for one or two nights.<BR><BR>Normally I don't really recommend Lido - - you might want to consider a three night stay there, since there is some "dilution" of Venice by not staying ON Venice for those wonderful midnight strolls or gondola rides. Stay IN Venice late at least one night - - if necessary, you could get a motoscafo to take you back to Lido (I think that the last vaporetto is about 23:30). A little pricy, perhaps, but this is not a trip you're going to make every year. Or if it is, what's a motoscafo fare?<BR><BR>Best wishes...<BR><BR>and congrats on your "new arrival"<BR><BR>(wink...)<BR><BR>Rex<BR>

Grasshopper Mar 31st, 2002 08:45 AM

What great fun. I hope you're getting a convertible. For the non-initiated, what are the advantages of doing a European Delivery? I have a SLK convertible that I have often wished I had to zoom around Tuscany but they are fortune to rent and so I content myself with zooming it around the California wine country or Highway One.

anon Mar 31st, 2002 09:38 AM

Don't worry, you'll be fine. After hubby picked up his car in germany he spent a mo. driving around Europe with no problems. You will be amazed by how fast other cars drive though! He was doing 125 on the highway when other cars would just fly by! BMW's and Mercedes are just as common there as our Hondas and Caddy's, you won't stick out. Have fun!

Adam Mar 31st, 2002 09:46 AM

Rex- Thanks for the input. I've already posted on this board about parking in Venice and it sounds to me like parking in Mestre may be the most secure. Its a train ride into Venice but it sounds like the car is safely kept behind a gated fence and I think you don't have to leave your key with the garage. <BR><BR>I was actually more concerned about the rest of the trip. Is a new, rather expensive car a "magnet" for vandals in smaller towns like San Gimignano and Cinque Terre?<BR><BR>Grasshopper- I can't speak for other car makers but BMW gives a 7% reduction in the price of the car to pick up in Europe. It is a US spec car and all costs to transport back to the States are included. Its great if you want a new car and want to go to Europe. However, I have heard of people getting a cheap ticket to Munich, picking up the car and then flying straight home, saving several thousand dollars in the process. No convertible- not very practical where I live in Minnesota.

Grasshopper Mar 31st, 2002 10:08 AM

Adam, I think your car is more at risk in cities than smaller towns. By the way, there are no cars in the Cinque Terre. Where I'd be most concerned would be Rome. And like a previous poster said there are Mercedes and BMWs all over Italy. I think rental cars are targets because people leave stuff in sight. Make sure you lock your valuables in the trunk, out of sight.<BR><BR>So how long will it take your car to get home?

Adam Mar 31st, 2002 10:31 AM

Grasshopper, We are staying Monterosso and our hotel has "parking" although I need to check if it on the premises or at some remote lot. <BR><BR>It takes 6-8 weeks to get the car back home. That, apparently, is the worst part of Euro delivery.

ttt Mar 31st, 2002 12:47 PM

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