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BarYvo Apr 8th, 2019 06:01 AM

Oyster Card
Planning four day trip to London in mid-May from US. Been checking for oyster cards and online research says cannot buy in London. Do I have to order? Is it possible to buy at Heathrow? Thanks for any info.

AJPeabody Apr 8th, 2019 06:21 AM

It is VERY easy to buy in London. There are machines at every tube station and at Heathrow. Stick in your credit card (or money) and it will spit out an activated card with your selection of prepaid fares. Five pound deposit also needed. When you leave London, find a machine, select refund, and the machine will deactivate your card and spit out money. Total time: One minute each.

janisj Apr 8th, 2019 06:23 AM

I have no idea where you are reading that, but of course you can buy Oysters in London. Maybe you were looking for 'visitor' oysters???

just buy them at LHR if you are taking the tube in to town, or if you are taking a car service, at your first tube station after you settle in,

AJPeabody Apr 8th, 2019 08:25 AM

Depending on where you are staying in London and how much baggage you are moving, taking the tube from Heathrow into london is by far the most economical way into the city for 1 or 2 people. This pdf map from London Transit has symbols for the tube stops where you can exit without stairs.

janisj Apr 8th, 2019 08:43 AM

if one is staying along the Piccadilly line (direct from LHR) or along the south leg of the circle/district line (easy transfer at Hammersmith) the tube is easy-ish from LHR, but most most of those stations are not step free. Plus there is a long walk at the LHR end. I take the tube maybe half my visits, and a car service the other half. But i travel carry on only, if one has REAL luggage the tube is a slog. Does it cost more for a car service, absolutely. But bottom line cost isn't always the most important consideration.

BarYvo Apr 8th, 2019 08:49 AM

Thanks everyone!

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