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barbara Nov 21st, 1999 01:29 AM

Outside London 1-day trip?
Am going to London (not a lst) and want to go <BR>outside London this time for a one day tour <BR>(village, antiques, shops, museum,whatever) <BR>Staying in a London hotel, so not to far from London. Any ideas?? thank you, barbara

Maira Nov 21st, 1999 04:08 AM

I am partial to Bath & Stonhenge because that is one of the day trips from London that I enjoyed the most, but the possibilities are really endless. <BR> <BR>Since you have included your preferences (Thank you!), I would suggest a day tour of: <BR> <BR>- Oxford-The Costwolds-Shakespeare's Stratford or, <BR> <BR>- Oxford- Stratford-Warwick Castle or, <BR> <BR>- Leeds Castle- Canterbury- Dover (my personal favorite; didn't go into Leeds Castle though). <BR> <BR>Strongly suggest you browse this forum for previous extensive discussions on the topic. <BR> <BR>One company that was recommended to me for good service and value was Visitors Sightseeing Tours, Tel: 01 71 636 7175 fax 3310. I saw the group depart from the Royal National Hotel lounge (Russell Square is the nearest tube station).

Just Nov 22nd, 1999 05:32 AM

Barbara- while I think Maira has hit all the top choices (and I would agree with her that Bath & Stonehenge would give you the most pow for your pound) let me also suggest a few more alternatives: <BR> <BR>Cambridge (but with a time-of-year caveat-while it is one of the most beautiful towns in the UK and has incredible architecture, some great museums (Fitzwilliam, Kettle's Yard), the unbeatable photo op of students biking along cobblestone lanes in their robes, punting on the river, terrific pubs and shopping, you would not believe how cold and miserable it can get when those winds from the Arctic Circle or Siberia or wherever come whipping across the plains.) <BR> <BR>Hampton Court Palace <BR> <BR>Greenwich

carolyn Nov 22nd, 1999 06:01 AM

If you only have 1 free day, I would say Bath and Stonehenge - definitely. Bath is absolutely beautiful and well worth a visit, and Stonehenge was just cool to see. We took Evans Evans' bus tour and it was nice - if we had more time we would have done it on our own, but if you're short on time, the tour is ok. They gave us about 2 hours to stroll around Bath and that was good. Greenwich is another good one, and that only took us 1/2 a day - we took the train all the way there and it was fun - I think it's called the light rail or something. Have fun!

Shelley Nov 22nd, 1999 09:43 AM

If you are a gardener, you might try Gentle Journey's daytrips to some of the more well-known gardens such as Hidcote or Sissinghurst.

kam Nov 22nd, 1999 01:59 PM

Canterbury is also a good day trip. Stratford is just a bit too far. You can also get to Battle, which is where the Battle of Hastings was fought. There's a book called "London Daytrips" that does daytrips with directions on how to take the trains as well as suggestions for lunch places. Very good if you can find it. We've done many of them and they are very accurate.

Roger Nov 23rd, 1999 09:36 AM

My two cents worth. One of two places. First would be York, about a two hour train trip. Much to do and see. My second pick would be Oxford. Have fun and let us know on your return what you did visit.

Thomas Nastos Nov 23rd, 1999 12:32 PM

Be sure to buy the paperback book, Britain by Britrail, author Ferguson. It lists dozens of short trips, how to get there, and what to see.

Harriett Nov 23rd, 1999 05:06 PM

If you choose the Bath route and go by train, stay on for a stop or two to a village called Bradford-on-Avon, about 8 miles past Bath. We spent a night there on our first visit to England and can't wait to go back. Lovely pubs and shops, a great walk along the canal or through farm fields or past weavers' cottages high above the village. We also found Stonehenge to be spectacular (despite my British friend who described it as 'just a pile of rocks'!!!) and despite biting wind and sleet -- I wouldn't have missed it. We also loved Salisbury, but not sure if this is within the day-trip range. Have a great time!!

Nigel Doran Nov 26th, 1999 01:06 AM

A difficult one, but I would plump for York. Some might quiz my advice here, saying that it is too far, but if you go early and come back late, you will have plenty of time, and you will have seen a lot more of the countryside and have had a chance to compare the north of England with the rather unrepresentative tourist honeypot that is 'visitors' London'. <BR>You should, however, prebook a Daypex ticket, otherwise it could be £££. <BR> will help here. You need to know that the trains go from London Kings Cross. Otherwise, ring 44 8457 225 225 during U K office hours and book on the phone and get them to send the tickets to your hotel. Please don't turn up and go on trains, even to places like Bath, as you will pay more. Once in the U K, you can ring 0345 484950 for more details. This is charged at a local rate, so ringing from a phone box will be fine so long as you have enough 10 and 20 pence pieces.

Erin Nov 26th, 1999 03:42 AM

I too recommend Bath as a great day trip. Instead of taking an organized tour, go by train. The rail line is called Great Western Rail ( and is located at London's Paddington station. They offer discounted fares if you can buy your tickets the day before you want to travel. Ask for "day return" tickets…Britspeak for same day roundtrip ticket. The trains depart from Paddington Station and the trip takes about 90 minutes. The Bath train station is about 3 blocks from the town center (5 minutes walk). Right across the street from the train station is a "Hop-on, hop-off" bus tour company that provides a great overview of the city for about £11. Enjoy!

Jon Nov 26th, 1999 05:42 AM

Barbara <BR> <BR>Go for it - take a trip to Bath. Cheapest way is by Green Line Bus from Victoria Coach station, or Train from Paddington (not so cheap) - Don't take a Tour as all it has is a bus trip and a guide which you could get for free when you arrive (free walking tours with local guide go from outside Pump Rooms in centre of Bath by Abbey. If for any reason you go by car - pop off the motorway a bit earlier (only about 10 minute diversion) and visit Castle Coombe which is without doubt the prettiest village in UK. Oh and if you go to Bath - make sure you enjoy a Sally Lunn Bun at Sally Lunn's House for Lunch - they are wonderful.

Topper Aug 28th, 2000 05:33 PM

For Margot...

Kathy Aug 28th, 2000 07:04 PM

Bath is great, but you certainly need more than the two hours a tour bus would give you. We used to order our tickets and reserve our seats before we left the states. We received them in the mail within a few days. We left Paddington at 7:45 and were in Bath at 9:00 so we could tour the Roman baths before the crowds hit. Lots to do there and a fun place to roam. We left for London late in the afternoon, but there are returning trains into the evening.

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