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PegS Jan 23rd, 2018 02:52 PM

Ostia Antica if we're also going to Pompeii and Herculaneum?
Whee! My first actual thread in the new Fodor's format. :)

So we're planning a fall trip with about 6 days in Naples and then 6 days in Rome. I'm already overwhelmed with all the potential sights (and sites) and outings, but I want to make sure we leave enough time for wandering, people watching, etc.

Curious about people's opinions: if we plan on visiting Pompeii and Herculaneum on two separate days while we're in Naples, can we skip Ostia Antica for this trip while in Rome?

PinotNoir Jan 23rd, 2018 03:54 PM

Ostia is something to see, but you are going to spend a bit of time to get out there. I was there on a Rick Steves tour and had the benefit of a great guide. You are not going to be as amazed by it as Pompeii and Herc. but it is a beautiful setting and is a lot more peaceful than most of the tourist spots in Italy (or it was when I was there in May). I would recommend it if you could get a knowledgeable guide to tell you about the place.

MmePerdu Jan 23rd, 2018 03:58 PM

I suggest the following if, as you say, Naples is first. Go to either Pompeii OR Herculaneum, then see if you still want to do the other. Then, after you arrive in Rome you can decide if you've had enough, or not, and go to Ostia Antica if you haven't. I've been to 2 of the 3 but on separate trips and one per trip was enough, given all the other things and places there are to see. One might live their life and feel it's been complete without seeing all 3, though I'm happy I saw 2. I may or may not get to the 3rd, probably not I suspect and am not concerned.

greg Jan 23rd, 2018 05:07 PM

Originally Posted by PegS (Post 16658264)
can we skip Ostia Antica for this trip while in Rome?

Do you have a hall pass for this trip? :-)
Ostia and Pompeii/Herculaneum are from the different time period. If you have studied Roman architecture, you note the progression of architectural prowess by the time they abandoned Ostia. Otherwise, they look alike and would be interchangeable.
I am a contrarian regarding city visit over day trips. When I have a choice between the two, I take the day trips. On your subsequent visits, if you are passing through Rome for shorter days, you can always hit the city attractions but not necessarily the out of town day trip destinations. This is especially true for Rome. On trips involving Tuscany, Umbria, or Campania, I would inevitably land or depart from Rome. In which case, I have to stay in Rome at least the night before departure. It is then trivial to arrive in Rome earlier in the day to visit attractions in Rome.

Jean Jan 23rd, 2018 05:19 PM

Be sure to visit the archeology museum in Naples where nearly all of the artifacts from Pompeii are exhibited.

You might also want to visit the Palazzo Massimo alle Terme in Rome to see artifacts recovered from several other excavation sites.

Ostia Antica would be a certain amount of repetition to me, and a fair weather day trip instead to Tivoli and perhaps Hadrian's Villa would offer some variety.

tuscanlifeedit Jan 23rd, 2018 05:43 PM

Just for the heck of it, if you would like a peaceful and beautiful visit with ruins in Rome, you might consider Terme di Caracalla.
I've been twice and hope to visit again some day. Since you have 6 days in Rome, this could be a nice break.

I've been to Ostia Antica, too, and repeated visits to Pompeii but not Herculaneum. I'm a contrarian and I really don't like Pompeii. It reeks of death and destruction, obviously, and it creeps me out.

The Archeological Museum in Naples in wonderful.

PegS Jan 24th, 2018 09:42 AM

Ha Greg!

Thanks everyone. You've given me much to ponder.

We're definitely hitting the Archaeological Museum in Naples. I've been also trying to figure out if it would be better to go to the Museum before or after Pompeii/Herculaneum.

Tuscan, Terme di Caracalla was on my list as a vague idea; thanks for making sure I moved it to my "must see"!

Jean, I'll certainly consider Palazzo Massimo alle Terme as well. I'm still working on wrapping my mind around the vastness of Rome.

tuscanlifeedit Jan 24th, 2018 01:51 PM

PegS, Ostia Antica is great, but if you're headed to Pompeii and Herculaneum... Terme di Caracalla is something completely different.
You will certainly have something exciting to do in Rome every single day.

PegS Jan 25th, 2018 08:38 AM

Thanks Tuscan. Yes, Terme di Caracalla looks incredible!

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