Oslo Sentral Station: Dicey?


May 10th, 2007, 07:04 AM
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Oslo Sentral Station: Dicey?

Was talking to someone who was going to arrive in Oslo by train at Sentral station late at night and a Norwegian relative told him that the station area was very dicey and to be very careful. The Norwegian said drug addicts infest the area and resulting crime, etc.

I was totally shocked when i heard that in Norway or Oslo, which i had perceived to be squeaky clean, this would be the case.

Any personal experience with Oslo Sentral at night?
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May 11th, 2007, 06:29 AM
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May 11th, 2007, 07:25 AM
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I've been in and out of Oslo Central Station about half a dozen times in the past six months. For some of the trips, I arrived late at night from or left early in the morning to go to the airport. Before my first trip, my dad warned me to watch out. He remembered the station as being rather dodgy, but his information was from about 15 years ago.

Frankly, I find most central train stations in many countries a bit dodgy, but Oslo was certainly no worse than what I've seen in large cities in Europe and North America and probably better than some I've visited (e.g. Rome). Some parts of the station seem to have been cleaned up and renovated fairly recently, and there is a decent food court. There are some shifty characters hanging around, but I didn't see a lot of them and I didn't feel unsafe.

I didn't experience any problems with the transfer from the platform where the train from the airport delivered me and the exterior of the station, where I picked up a taxi to go to my hotel. It's easy to find your way around in the station.

It may be that the area outside the train station is riskier late at night, so you might want to take a taxi to your hotel, even if you walk or take public transportation back to the train station on your departure.

There are drug addicts everywhere. Whether you see them or not depends in part on whether or not the government chooses to crack down on them and sweep them off the street. I imagine Norway considers drug addiction to be primarily a health problem and not one that justifies sweeping them off the streets.
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