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isabel Mar 12th, 2005 06:13 AM

Order in which to do Scily / Switzerland trip that will extend into August
I'm planning a trip to Scily (approximatley 2 weeks) and Switzerland (approximately 1 week) for this July/August. I'm going to try to change the dates (have not yet bought tickets) to be all in July but at the moment the dates ate July 16-August 5th. I think I'd prefer Switzerland first - as that portion will be done by trains so the lighter the luggage the better and I expect to buy things in Scily. But that means that the last 4 days of the trip will be in August in Scily and I'm worried that the crowds are signficantly worse then (based on the fact that all the hotels raise their rates on August 1st).

So what do you think. Switzerland first or Scily first? And if I do Scily last do you think it makes a difference which order I do that it - Start in Palermo and take southern coastal route ending in Taormina or the other way around.

swandav2000 Mar 12th, 2005 06:20 AM

Hi isabel,

I was also thinking of the heat in August -- I think I'd want to head for the mountains then (though they can also get pretty warm . . .).


Patrick Mar 12th, 2005 07:21 AM

You sound like me obsessing on our long trips about when to be where. But the bottom line is, I think it doesn't make a lot of difference. Your idea of Sicily first to avoid some of the heat and crowds is good, but pretty minimal and no guarantee of anything. Meanwhile you can expect bigger crowds in Switzerland in August than in July also. You have a good point about buying and lugging stuff.
I'd say it's a toss up, but no problem to stick with the idea of Switzerland first.

As to the order to do Sicily, I can't think of a reason it would matter, other than the logistics of getting back to the place you'll fly home from.

LoveItaly Mar 12th, 2005 02:51 PM

Hi isabel, I guess if I had to make the choice I would do southern Europe first (Sicily) and then go to Switzerland. But will you be in cities in Switzerland or in the Alps or?

Regarding purchases, have you considered having them shipped home? Just a thought. I hate hate schlepping tons of stuff around when I travel.

I was thinking, two complete different areas scenic wise and culture wise, Switzerland and Sicily. How fun!! Enjoy planning your trip.

isabel Mar 13th, 2005 03:56 AM

Thanks for your thoughts, it really does sometimes help to hear other people's opinions. I'm pretty happy with my decision to split my three weeks between Sicily and Switzerland. And though Sicily is my main destination, now that I've done some specific research on Switzerland I'm getting excited about that too. My original thought was Switzerland last as it's my "second" destination, and also thought I might enjoy the cool after the heat of Sicily. But in researching hotels I see many that raise prices in August (over July) in Sicily whereas in Switzerland they seem to stay the same the whole summer. So that's why I was thinking maybe crowds were a bigger issue in Sicily. I know both are more crowded in summer.

I've been to many places in Europe in July and never really had much problem with crowds, there are strategies to work around them. But I keep hearing how much worse it is in August. The only place I've been in August was Ireland and that wasn't bad at all, but once when I pointed that out I was told it's cause everyone goes to the rest of Europe in August. My husband is trying to move his vacation so we do the whole trip in July, but not sure yet if that will work.

So keep the opinions coming. I'm off to London in 3 days (yea!!!) and want to book the summer trip as soon as I get back. I can think about it on the flight home from London. That's the only way I survive the flights home from Europe - by planning the next trip.

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