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Dejais Jun 29th, 2007 11:22 AM

Opinions Please on Rentals/Area, Fodor Friends
Okay, plans have changed a bit since my last post. Hubby says he would rather "poke his eyes out" than go to Paris with me for my big birthday. So I am lucky to be going with my mom again! Many of you may remember our adventures from last year when she fell off her bicycle into the nettles. The woman is a world class trooper! Her motto is "I have a passport, book it, and I will be there!"

Anyway, I have always stayed in the 7th and thought the Louvre district might be nice to try. Opinions?

These two apartments are serious contenders among the many we have seen:

Perks for the first are, of course, the price and a location we are both familiar with.

Perks on the second are more privacy and a lovely terrace which would be nice since we both smoke. This one is about $600 US more than the other for the nine days we will be there.

$600 will pay for a lot of other things, however the money is not as important as the location. So I guess what I am asking for is input about the second one's location.

Put on your thinking caps and I'll be here waiting for your opinions.

As always, I totally appreciate your thoughts!

SuzieCII Jun 29th, 2007 11:32 AM

When I went out the door from the hotel Relais du Louvre and turned left, there was the Louvre. I stayed in the 1st and loved the location.
I figured if it was good enough for the City fathers to plan the arrondizements swirling outwards, it was good enough for me! It is very Central and that makes getting anywhere a pleasure. Yes I am a walker. I see more walking than by metro or bus.
So it was one day up to the Opera, one day over to the Marais, Later Quarter...etc. AND I could "go home" and get refreshed before dinner, etc.
If you've been to the 7th a lot, I'd suggest a new location. Each time I've gone to Paris though I've stayed in a new area.

Christina Jun 29th, 2007 11:43 AM

I'd also want a change of pace, if I were you. Both look okay, but that area on ave de la Bourdonnais is kind of a snooze to me (especially if you've been tehre a lot). I can't figure out exactly what block the other one is in, but I gather on rue Montmartre right around rue Etienne Marcel, the border of 1/2. Yeah, I think that's a decent area and good for a change. It is right near rue Montorgueil market street, which they mention and not far from St Eustache church.

They both are studio apartments (I guess one is a 1 BR but somehow the same size, not even 500 SF, which I am having trouble envisioning for what it shows) -- so the terrace would be nice as another bit of space, if it's in nice weather. $600 is a lot of money, though, but I would prefer that one.

Dejais Jun 29th, 2007 11:53 AM

Christina....I agree. The terrace is a big plus as well as being in a new location. I also agree that the 7th is very quiet. But I did like it there as it was so close to the Eiffel.

The reason the money is not as important is because when I was going with my husband we were looking at much more upscale places which cost quite a bit more. He is not as adventurous as Mom and I are. Plus with Mom, we go halves on the apartment so I thought both of these were quite affordable considering.

AnselmAdorne Jun 29th, 2007 12:01 PM

A few thoughts:

- There is quite a bit more space in the Paris Holiday apartment. This might be significant for two people travelling together, especially for a nine day stay.

- I prefer the look and feel of the Paris Holiday apartment, but that's purely a personal feeling.

- It isn't clear where the apartment is on rue Montmartre. I've walked along rue Etienne Marcel where it crosses Montmartre a few times. We were in an apartment on rue des Petits Champs, about five blocks further east and liked the entire area. I'm just wondering, though, how close is it to les Halles? The church in the photo taken from the balcony looks like St-Eustache.

- There's something about the vrbo listing that is confusing me. It says that it is in the 7th on ave de la Bourdonnais but I can't find that street in my A to Z. There is a rue des Bourdonnais in the 1st just west of Pont Neuf, but that can't be it. (Mind you, the print in my A to Z is so small I might be overlooking something.)


AnselmAdorne Jun 29th, 2007 12:05 PM

Looks like Christina and I were wondering about the location at the same time, but I spent so much time trying to read my map I delayed my posting.

I meant to mention that if Patrick were posting (he's away, I think) he'd be sure to point out that the bed in the one in the 1st is pushed up against the wall, a sure sign that it's a very small room.


Dejais Jun 29th, 2007 12:11 PM

Anselm...You make valid points. That church is St Eustache and the nearest metro stop is Les Halles. So I think you are right about the location.

Also, it says the Les Halles metro has direct access to the airport which we might try this time instead of car service.

As for the first apt, it is IN the 7th on Ave de la Bourdannais and it is small but the price is small as well.

The second apartment is looking really good. I think we have a winner.

lyndash Jun 29th, 2007 01:00 PM

Hi Dejais, I stayed in the VRBO9528 in Feb. 2006 and really liked it. I traveled with my daughter and we were there for 2 weeks and really enjoyed the apartmanet and our time in Paris. I did a trip report which you can find by clicking on my screen name.

The trip report is under the title 'terrific winter trip' there is another winter report from 2007 so make sure you get the right year. In the responding posts you will also find another fodorite who stayed in that studio right after I did and yet someone else who visited them for a couple of other opinions!

The room is not small at all and we were very comfortable. it was nice to have a phone and answering machine.

have a great trip with your mom...lynda

Dejais Jun 29th, 2007 01:33 PM

Lyndash...Thanks so much. It always helps to hear from someone especially a mom and daughter such as we are. I will definitely look up your trip report.

I do think that place looks roomy for a studio. However, the idea of staying somewhere new is very appealing. Just waiting to hear back from the owners on both. For all I know, both will turn up unavailable and I will be back to square one. Fingers crossed!

Cameron Jun 30th, 2007 10:01 PM

I rented the vrbo#9528 in Sept 2006 for 10 days for my adult daughter and myself. It was fine for the price, although I thought the neighborhood was a little boring. The bed is advertised as a king size but it is really a queen size, although very comfortable.

Dejais Jul 1st, 2007 06:23 AM

Cameron...Actually I have not heard back from #9528 and I have heard from the Paris Holiday Apt so we have decided to go with that one.

Thanks everyone for your opinions!!!

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