Opinions on APS cameras versus 35MM

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Opinions on APS cameras versus 35MM

I am considering purchasing a point and shoot APS camera, primarily for the panorama option. Any opinions on APS over 35MM? I don't intend to do any enlargments of prints, just scenic photos on upcoming trip to Italy. I think the ability to get panorama photos might be an advantage in Italy. I own a high-end 35MM Minolta SLR with several different lenses, including a couple of wide angle and zooms, but do not want to be weighed down on this trip.
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I'm not the cameraman in the family, but we purchased an ELF APS in 2000 & love it. Small, lightweight. Got some great night time shots of fireworks & ETower in Paris that year -- also like its dual focus ability(person plus landscape behind person). Use 800 film -- got great shot of Mont St. Michael (sp, sorry) from the back window of the bus as we were leaving.
This is not meant to be a commercial -- merely to give you an idea of what it is we have and how old it is. I'm certain there are equally good & maybe better APS options out there with more features in the past 2 years.
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Marc David Miller
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APS is less and less emphasised as a format in favor of digital. Minolta, for instance, has discontinued their APS line. Many P&S 35-mm format cameras also have the panoramic option as well--and remember, it is only a cropping function, not a true panoramic function (for that you need a specialized camera).
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I'm nowhere near a professional photographer, but I too, have a 35mm with various lenses which I didn't want to carry around with me in Italy. So, I bought a Fuji APS because it was very small and had a telephoto lens built in. It took very nice pictures and I've even blown some up for my walls at home. The panoramic shots also come out great. I have a beautiful one from the top of the duomo in Florence. I also took have some great black and white shots with it, especially in Sicily. I don't think you will be disappointed.
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I am not so much of a photographer and I am still dreaming of a true 35 mm. Got a Canon Ixus for Xmas 2 years ago and love it for its light weight and convenience as well as the panoramic pictures option, but am not so crazy about the quality of the pictures itself, which leave to be desire compared to a less fancy compact camera with a better lens.
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The APS format is just expensive from film to developing without being a high definition camera. If you want a panoramic picture now and then buy the disposables and get a real camera for the other things. You will get much clearer pictures with a 35mm even if you don't do enlargements.
If you are thinking of changing cameras give a digital a look--Olympus (and probably others) has a panoramic feature.
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The best compromise is a small 35mm that has panorama. I use a couple of large multi-lens 35mm's but also have a Pentax IQZoom which is 35 mm, has a 28-90 zoom plus panorama functions. It is a great little camera for someone who wants ease of use but also wants to control some things - not as tiny as the smallest APS but easily put in a pocket. The quality od negatives w/ 35 mm is just so much better - especially if you plan on enlarging any.
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This interests me, what model of IQZoom do you have. I did a search and there seem to be almost 15 different models.
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I'm not Janis but I think it would be the IQZoom90--my absolute favorite P&S camera which I often have recommended to friends who ask. The "Zoom" series usually takes the last focal length as its "number". This is truly a great little camera. It has an excellent lens, enough features but not too many as to be incomprehensible.
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I am embarrased to say I'm not sure. IQ90 makes sense but I thought it was an IQ120. (I am not at home just now so I can't check). There are a LOT of Pentax IQ models - but the main thing is to get 28mm to at least 90mm and panorama. When you use the full 28mmm wide angle and panorama the results are amazing. But you can even use panorama with the zoom.

I LOVE my big cameras - but this is what I call my "London or City Camera" - I hate to carry a camera bag when I may end up at the theatre or the Ritz or a posh restaurant. So I carry this small one and am ready for anything.

I have an even tinier Pentax (I think it is called the UCX) which has panorama but not zoom. It was my first City Camera but I decided I really wanted a wide angle zoom.
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I have used by Fuji APS on several trips and had no complaints with the results. I loved the panoramic shots of the English countryside. I must admit it has taken second place to my digital, but digital is a lot of work at the end of a trip - hours of naming, correcting and cropping, and uploading to a site for friends to see.
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I bought a tiny Nikon APS to replace an old Pentax IQ Zoom 120 (which I don't even know if they make anymore). I love the size and features of my APS camera; I hate APS. I feel the definition I get from disposible cameras to be superior.

I'm going to wait just a bit longer and replace my APS with digital.

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I echo so many other posters. I got an APS and hated it. I thought it would allow me wide angle type pictures, but I found out it was just a matter of a wider format. I can do that with my regular 35 ml, if I just reposition the camera. I found the photo size cumbersome to manage in albums and photo boxes, also. I'm back with my 35 mm slr. I have a light weight point and shoot with a zoom lens and a heavier camera with interchangeable lenses. While the latter gets better photos, it's way too heavy to lug around when I travel. I save the "good" one for family photos.
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