One Day & Night in Frankfurt

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One Day & Night in Frankfurt

I am going to Frankfurt for roughly one full day and overnight. I fly out the following morning at approximately 10 AM to the US. I have several questions for which I am seeking advice. 1)What recommendations would you have of things to see/do for the day/evening, 2)How difficult is it getting to the airport early in the morning 3)what hotel/places would you recommend to stay (would it be better to stay near the airport) 4)As a female travelling alone, what level of safety or suggested areas NOT to go to would you suggest? Thanks in advance!
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I just did this a few weeks ago. I traveled alone, arrived in Frankfurt at 7 a.m. and left the following afternoon. I decided to stay at the Sheraton at the airport, which was a nice choice (albeit pricey). It was nice because after a large, delicious breakfast, I went back to my room, the bellman took my bags, and while I was checking out, the bellman put my bags on a luggage cart and sent me on my way to the correct terminal. The service there is great.

When I went off to explore the city, the concierge sold me a train pass and gave me meticulous details on how to go and come back. Easy--even when full of Apfelwein!!

I went to the town center and shopped. Then I went to explore Sachsenhausen, then came back to the town square for sausages & apfelwein. I found Frankfurt to be very mellow and the people very nice. I think it gets a bad rap for being "industrialized," which is why maybe they have fewer tourists than Munich. But fewer tourists means less crowds, and that's why the people were less stresssed out.

That was enough for one I didnt get to see anything "undesireable." Have fun!
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You haven't given us any interests you have like museums, historical sites, shopping, bar hopping in Sachsenhausen, concerts etc... What day of the week will you be there? How do you plan on getting to the airport, train or car? Safety is really not much of an issue in most places in Frankfurt that you would probably find yourself, just stay aware and if it looks bad-it just might be! BTW, if you need help finding any information, I live just outside of Frankfurt. I'm not familiar with the hotels though since I live right here!
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Thanks to both Melissa and Not Sure. Actually I would enjoy any of the items mentioned in Not Sure's reply. I am open to top suggestions. Thanks. I also did not know the best way to get to the airport, either train or car, so basically I am flying blindly, here. Perhaps I will copy Melissa. But if Not Sure lives there, then perhaps you can suggest great historical sites, tours, bar highlights for the evening, restaurants, etc.??? I appreciate your replies.
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Ling - how are you getting to Frankfurt?
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You seem pretty laid back about your itinerary, that's the same way I travel. I have only been living in this area for a bit over a year. I would recommend checking out the Frankfurt City web site. As for historical sites...won't find too many things that have survived the war in tact, the entire market square, although it looks aged is actually quite new. You could take a river excursion too. I'm pretty much a wanderer and where ever I go my first stop is the tourist info center(which is located right on the marktplatz. I'm pretty much attached at the hip to my 2 year old so I'm afraid I haven't been to many strictly "adult" places (ie bars and REALLY nice restaurants)I'm more of a go and look at the sites person and unfortunately, Frankfurt doesn't seem to have an abundance of the sort of thing I look for. The shopping is great though. I forget the name of the strasse but it runs near the marktplatz, it is lined with all sorts of fine clothing stores and the entire city is full of great places to shop. Traveling in the city is very easy and there are several museums right near/on the marktplatz. If you aren't carrying much for baggage I would recommend the train for getting to the airport. I'm usually an auto person but leaving at that time of day (and having to be there early for security, etc) the traffic on A3 can be bad so I wouldn't bother! If you check out the city web page they have events listed so you could find something there too. Sorry, I guess I'm not very helpful.
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Hey, Ling, "Notsure" is correct about doing a little more research. I have to admit, I thought that one day was going to fly by quickly, so I didn't to ANY research on Frankfurt before I got there. I think I could have altered my route within Frankfurt a little bit if I had thought it through better and did a little more research. Don't get me wrong--the day DID fly by, but I could have stretched it. ;-)
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