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bvh Oct 3rd, 2017 06:31 AM

Although I didn't call it a "scam," my situation may have been a bit unique when compared to others. My hotel manager told me I had a right to be in the ZTL with my car to load luggage, because he called in my car information. I was present when he did it. I took no longer than 20 minutes. Something happened that neither of us understand. He said the system is not perfect.

My hotel manager was a gem throughout the entire process. I am a repeat customer, and he felt terrible that I found myself with a violation. He contacted numerous people to help me get my ticket adjusted.

In the end, I didn't feel comfortable bothering him so much. Eventually, it became apparent he could not help me further. In complete frustration, my hotel manager wrote, "The Italian government can't get its citizens to pay their taxes, so they're going after tourist money."

It worked. I paid. I'm never renting a car in Italy again.

munsterfield Feb 7th, 2019 02:42 PM

Use XE Money Transfer, not a bank wire transfer
Hi All! I thought I'd post my experience here and my solution. I'm going to post this in a few different places, because I was so thankful that it worked out, and hopefully it can help someone else!
I too received 3 tickets from my trip to Rome and they showed up to my house in Canada (after 2 separate mail forwarding services), and I was really concerned about the time it took to finally arrive (registered mail).
I signed into they're babyloweb website and started requesting information about which of the fines to pay, but never received a response.
In the meantime, I signed up to for an account at XE Money Transfer, which allows you to send money to IBAN bank accounts. Note that I have an account already with Transferwise (great service btw), but they would not sent money to that that specific Rome Bank Account.
Anyway, the XE account took a few days to set up, and the moment it was active I submitted my 3 separate payments for the lowest amount, sent a note to them through Babyloweb, stating that the money transfer has been initiated and I waited.
It took several weeks, but I finally received a response from Babyloweb that the money was received and all is good.
There was a very small fee for XE Moneytransfer of only a few dollars, and was totally worth it.
I really hope this helps someone!

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