Olive Oil and Wine in Italy

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Olive Oil and Wine in Italy

Does anyone have suggestions on good olive oils and wines I should bring home with me from Italy? Moderate priced please. Also which city is best to buy these items: Rome, Florence, or Venice?
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You need to say precisely WHERE you are going in order to get this advice. There are many special wines in various regions throughout Italy. Sicilian and Tuscan olive oils are very good, but very different from each other, and many other areas have good oils.
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Is there a good store in Florence that I could find special olive oils in? Any recommended ones that I should make sure to purchase?
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For this sort of question it's best to ask locals when you get there. Go into a good hotel and ask the concierge, or just ask other shopkeepers. There is excellent oil all over, at many shops--just ask the experts who live there for recommendations.
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BIGI Orvieto Classico 98
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I have done quite a bit of wine shopping (and tasting and buying) in France, Germany, Austria and Italy.

And my main advice is taste plenty and buy what you like.

Keep in mind that tasting even small samples - - of a half dozen or more wines - - can be an activity that will tkae you an hour or even two - - and then leave you affected by the alcohol for another few hours, at least somewhat. I't a pleasant enough way to spend an afternoon, but it definitely competes with other activities.

In my experience, a good wine store will feature many wines from many regions WITHIN that particular country.

I have dawdled in nice wine shops in Venice and Verona, and in Tuscany and the Como area, and I am not sure that their inventories were "tilted" all that much be wines exclusive to their respective regions. You will find a plenty of selection of Veneto's, Trentino's, Piemonte's, Tuscan's and more - - in an "enoteca" of "substance" in all of these cities.

I consider it a good trip when I find one or two new wine "discoveries" on a given "expedition", and I now find that I prefer to bring back two, three or more bottles of the same thing - - something I know I will enjoy or know what it tastes like to give away as a gift - - rather than a larger assortment of differenet labels - - whose characteristics I can't remember so well.

Best wishes,


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