Nuremberg Choices - seeking advice

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Nuremberg Choices - seeking advice

On an Avalon Danube Cruise this August we're stopping at Roth for a day. Our choice is a "guided tour of Nuremberg's medieval architecture, gilded fountain, gothic cathedral and Kaiserburg Castle" OR "guided tour of Nuremberg Rally Grounds". I've read that the Altstadt is interesting and fun - I'm guessing that is where the guided tour of Nuremberg takes us. I realize it is hard to advise me, but here's a bit of my interests and background: Have made several trips to Europe and have seen many castles, cathedrals and architecture - although do believe no two are alike. I have a definite interest in all things related to the Holocaust - have always wanted to see a concentration camp... but wonder if there's anything to experience (emotionally?) at the Rally Grounds.

I hope to take a day trip from Prague to the Terezin Concentration Camp. I believe I'll have time for that.
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IMO the better thing would be to visit the Nazi documentation center than the rally grounds which are like a deserted playing field. If the tour INCLUDES that then yes

But be aware that the Doc Center is not something you will just breeze through since it contains a wealth of exhibits and information
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We've done your options, self-guided, and have enjoyed all of them. The Kaiserburg is quite impressive...and can get incredibly busy. We visited in the dead of winter, but I'd imagine it's a sight to behold in summer with the gardens in bloom.

We found the Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände (Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds) informative and incredibly sobering. In fact it was Dukey who suggested we go, me balking, thinking it'd be too depressing for a Christmas trip, but he was right, this is not something visitors should miss.

Keep in mind you will need plenty of time - we spent two hours there and only managed to see half of it - had we known how big the museum is and how long it takes to listen to the explanation of each individual exhibit (lots of standing), we’d have visited twice, allowing two hours each time.

Based on your interest in all things Holocaust, I'd suggest the Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände over the Altstadt and Kaiserburg tour.

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Albrecht Dürer's House and the little gift shop across the street are wonderful and I love St Lorenz. They have a wall for candles that is beautiful and different. I like walking the street and going up to the castle. My husband is the opposite and has done the rally grounds and Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände a couple of times. He leaves me on my own and he does his thing and I do mine.
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The talk about the Documentation centre here is probably pointless because judging from the usual excursion schedules of such boat tours it almost certainly not what will be visited during the guided tour. I also completely fail to see why people want to read panels and watch films during their vacation when they could do that just as well at home especially regarding this topic. The Nazi rally grounds mostly consist of the rotting tribune and the unfinished congress hall. Not sure how the tour is going to bridge the distance between the congress hall and the tribune. There are German bus tours which drive you around but also walking tours which include the Golden hall not sure how it will look exactly in your case. All of this has nothing to do directly with the Holocaust or a concentration camp ... and asking for the emotional impact is ... slightly obscene (even though it's unintentional). Also how can we tell? It needs some imagination that's for sure.
Nuremberg was Germany's most important medieval town with Lübeck and Cologne. While the Allied terror bombings destroyed much one still can do a nice walk around the best preserved places. The wording Kaiserburg castle (meaning Imperial castle castle) and the mentioning of a gothic cathedral (which one? St. Sebald or St. Lorenz?) aren't exactly encouraging. But it takes some effort to botch the usual loop done by guided tours. The drawback is arguably that you don't have enough time for the old town while you can do the rally grounds on a day. The Germanisches Nationalmuseum will e.g. certainly be left out which is a great pity. If they drop the second church you should take it on your own and the interiors absolutely have to be seen with the most precious artworks.

In the end we are talking about two extremely different sights. One is purely historical and just presents rotting buildings the other is way more picturesque. I guess you can see what I would suggest to do.
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Also just my two cents here, Albrect Durer was a great German artist, engraver as I recall. His little print of the lovely rabbit is one of my favorites. I hope to see this next Dec 19 when I hope to get there to his house.
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My visit to the Nazi rally grounds was very sobering. It was easy to imagine it filled with cheering and saluting soldiers and townspeople, a very unpleasant atmosphere. But I'm glad I went.
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Originally Posted by Sue81 View Post
Also just my two cents here, Albrect Durer was a great German artist, engraver as I recall. His little print of the lovely rabbit is one of my favorites. I hope to see this next Dec 19 when I hope to get there to his house.

Dürer was a painter, drawer and engraver. One of the best Germany ever had. His "rabbit" is in fact a hare, and Dürer's original is not a print but a watercolour painting of incredible delicacy and fineness. You will not get to see it see it in Nuremberg, though, because it is not there. It is kept at the Albertina in Vienna, where it is on display only twice in five years for short periods, for conservatory reasons. Dürer has not done any prints of this image. Anything you'll see in other techniques are reproductions done by other artisans.

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The little shop across from his house is great. I want another calendar. St Sebaldus is also a good stop. I asked my husband after I first posted and he said he would pick the town tour over the rally grounds. Buy the sausage sandwich from the street vendors. They have a great street market on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays.
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I spent three days in Nuremberg last summer (did day trips during the two full days, meaning I only had partial days in Nuremberg itself) and loved it. I am much more interested on old town centers/castles/architecture than WWII history so I didn't get out to the Rally Grounds. But I think a full day tour of the town center would be very worth while (actually I'd ditch the tour and do a self guided tour myself, but either way). The Durer house was very interesting from an architectural point as well as the artist's works. The castle was not crowded and we were there in mid July. Many lovely bridges and medieval squares and lanes. Yes, a lot was destroyed during the war but much of it was rebuilt. There are some 20th century stuff interspersed with the old stuff, so not quite the ambiance of some European towns, but still plenty of see.

Here's the trip report that included our time in Nuremburg - that part is near the end of the trip report so just scroll down - Bavaria to Bratislava and Back in three weeks
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I made two stops in Nuremberg in 2017 and was able to visit the town center and the Documentation Center. If I had to pick just one, I would pick the unique Documentation Center - not the entire grounds. The latter are spread out and I didn't bother to walk it.

If you do choose the city center, don't miss the hare in the platz outside Dürer's house - just a fun Easter egg!
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thank you quokka for the correction, my art history days are a bit in the past, just recall the lovely rabbit., and that Durer was I will also be in Vienna, but sounds like it will probably not be seen.
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