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Mary Sep 21st, 1999 05:07 AM

Now for a really unpopular question...
Does anyone know if you can buy American cigarettes in Italy? I understand "everyone" smokes in Europe, but what do they smoke?

RobM Sep 21st, 1999 05:55 AM

Most "major" (Marloboro, Winston, Camel) U.S. brands are available everywhere in Europe, and you can buy them duty free on your way over.

Tony Hughes Sep 21st, 1999 06:14 AM

...yeah and "everyone" in America is fat? Come on. <BR> <BR>We smoke banana skins, toothpaste, dried oak leaves, you name it ....

s.fowler Sep 21st, 1999 07:02 AM

Someplaces they are actually cheaper than in the US because there are no punitive taxes, but I have also noticed they have mostly the stronger brands.

Ed Sep 21st, 1999 07:12 AM

_Some_ of the major brands may be found, though mainly in airports, major train stations ... places where they expect a lot of Americans. My sense is that they are formulated differently and tend to be stronger. <BR> <BR>If you don't smoke one of the top (4 or 5) brands, bring your own. Menthols are particularly hard to find.

cherie Sep 21st, 1999 08:00 AM

Ciggys are easy to is Salvador Mundi Hospital in Rome if you have sure to bring proof of insurance.

Smoker Sep 21st, 1999 08:43 AM

Cherie - now now there was no need to be childish. Mary asked a perfectly sensible question. I am sure she is already well aware of the risks of smoking, and did not *need* it to be pointed out on a travel forum. It just wastes space, and makes you look bad. <BR>

Cary Sep 21st, 1999 08:50 AM

[email protected] <BR> <BR>Smoker, stop being so sensitive.

cherie Sep 21st, 1999 01:56 PM

I am not being childish, although one might agrue that I am being hoisted on my own pitard. However, I see daily the effects of those unfortunate enough to have to come to our office daily for treatment of a habit they have wrought on themselves and those around them. PS....Mundi really is a decent hospital with English-speaking doctors if that raspy throat smokers complain of happens to act up.....

kam Sep 21st, 1999 03:10 PM

Trying not to be childish at all, but just returned from 2 weeks in Wales and west England where we ate frequently in pubs and inhaled a lot of 2nd degree smoke. Started coughing on day 3, stopped after one day back in California. Go figure. The rest of the trip was great and if anyone wants info, please email me in about a week's time so I can cope with the jet lag. Put over 1000 miles on the rental car---in Wales, mind you! Great place! P.S. Maybe it's my imagination, but the smokers seemed to have diminished since my last trip to U.K. Anyone else agree?

Joe Sep 21st, 1999 03:55 PM

My only trip to Europe as a smoker was in 1980, and things have probably changed. But then in England at least American brands were more expensive and they were hard to find outside of big cities. And low nicotine cigarettes, even Player's l-n brand, were scarce in the countryside. In a Scottish village I was told "We don't sell weak cigarettes."

Kittie Sep 21st, 1999 05:02 PM

Mary, <BR> <BR>My father smokes Pall Mall unfiltered. When we were in Germany in 1995 we found them in what we Americans would call "smoke shops" (like Smoke 'N Snuff in the south). They had many American brand cigarettes. Maybe they have the same thing in Italy? <BR>Try the Italian brands (not trying to promote smoking here.. I understand a "nicotine fit"). You may try a "light" type if they have them. <BR> <BR>Kittie

Donna Sep 21st, 1999 06:14 PM

My husband and I were amazed at how popular American cigarettes are in Europe, particularly Marlboros and unfiltered brands. It was our observation, as well, that only the most popular stronger brands are available.

Dawn Sep 22nd, 1999 07:06 AM

In Italy over the summer - the most popular brand among Italians is Marlboro. Had no problem finding a most brands of American cigarettes in any tabacchi.

Julie Sep 22nd, 1999 11:29 AM

Cigarettes may be easy to find, however, chewing tobacco is not (ie Copenhagen, Skoal, etc.). I guess it's illegal there. They did sell the great big leafy stuff. God, it's all repulsive to me, but hey, everyone has their bad habits.

Erin Sep 22nd, 1999 11:30 AM

Like others said, you can buy most of the popular American brands easily in Europe (especially Marlboro). But I found, like everything in Europe, they tasted different than the do in the States and they smell different (stronger). Especially in Italy. I don't know what brand people were smoking, but the stench was making me sick!

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