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tahl Jun 29th, 2017 09:34 AM

Norway questions: Copenhagen connection + Balestrand activities
I'm heading to Norway next week. Two questions:

1. SAS connection in Copenhagen.

I'm flying on SAS from the US to Copenhagen, connecting to an SAS flight from Copenhagen to Oslo. If I check baggage, what do I have to do in Copenhagen? Do I have to get it off the baggage carousel and go through immigration or similar? (I have a US passport.) I have only 55 minutes connection time, because that's how the SAS website insisted on scheduling me.

I'm wondering if I should try instead to go completely carry-on, but am concerned that my US-sized 22" carryon may not meet the international carry-on size requirement.

2. What to do in Balestrand

I'm staying two nights in Balestrand. I would really, really like to visit the Urnes Stave Church on my full day there, but the Rick Steves guidebook says there's no way to do a ferry trip there & back on a Sunday, which is when I'm there. Can anyone confirm that? (Lonely Planet says nothing about Sunday issues.) Can anyone suggest another way to get to Urnes, given that I do *not* want to rent a car and drive myself?

If I can't get to Urnes, what would you suggest for that full day (again, it's a Sunday, in July)? I'd prefer some kind of day trip or guided something. I already am scheduled to do a trip in a Zodiac/RIB boat (out of Flam) and a full day of kayaking (out of Voss/Gudvangen), so I'd rather not repeat those experiences. I'm not up for a full-day hike, and have been planning a short 2 hour or so hike the next day before I leave.

Any help appreciated!

Odin Jun 29th, 2017 09:37 AM

Your baggage will be checked all the way thru to Oslo. No need for carry-on.

tahl Jun 29th, 2017 10:17 AM

Thank you! That's very reassuring.

greg Jun 29th, 2017 11:02 AM

>>> Do I have to get it off the baggage carousel and go through immigration or similar?

It looks like you are all on Star Alliance flights. US-CPH is either actually on SAS or another Star Alliance codeshare. It does not make difference regarding ability to check your luggage to Oslo from the U.S. AS LONG AS you do NOT override the default luggage tagging which would say CPH,OSL.

However, you are not necessarily home free to say "That's very reassuring." There are many reasons why your luggage may not be actually flying in the cargo hold of your plane. If your CPH arrival is late, you might make it but not your luggage. There can be foul ups at US or CPH airport luggage handling. If the plane cannot take off with full load, your luggage could be left behind based on the luggage pecking order corresponding to your ticket status. For this reason, you should always protect yourself in case of luggage delay to be able to survive a few days only with what you are carrying on the plane.

>>>I have only 55 minutes connection time, because that's how the SAS website insisted on scheduling me.

There are SAS flights every two hours between these two cities. When I see a booking site offering this kind of layover, if it is not acceptable, I tinker with the itinerary to see if I can add more layover without adding cost. CPH is a smallish airport and 55 min, if on time, is probably ok.

tahl Jun 30th, 2017 05:35 AM

Thanks, greg. I agree about having "survival carry-on" clothes and supplies on the plane! I learned that lesson the hard way some years ago, when I flew to Shannon (west coast of Ireland) but my suitcase went to Budapest for no obvious reason. :-) (Most of my idiosyncratic travel habits are the result of similar "lessons learned.")

I was frustrated by the SAS website. I prefer to book directly with an airline; I find that's safest in the event of a screwup. Even though I could see via Orbitz and other sites that SAS had a later flight from CPH to Oslo that I would have preferred, on which there seemed to be seats available, I couldn't find a way on SAS to be allowed to book it in connection with my flight from the US. Maybe there was a trick, but I never found it.

Odin Jun 30th, 2017 05:48 AM

There is so much paranoia about booking thru OTAs and there really is no basis for it. Book where ever it makes sense to, ie best price, best flight options etc. If there is a screw up at the airport, the way the ticket was booked makes no difference.

There is also alot of nonsense spouted about baggage too, an airline does not leave luggage behind due to pecking order corresponding to ticket status. Sending on unaccompanied luggage requires additional security checks which is costly and time consuming and costly to get the items to the hotel on arrival. Yes mistakes can happen and luggage doesn't make it sometimes, but on routes with several flights a day it's not really a concern.

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