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Norway: Possible? 9 Day trip Oslo-2 Fjord cruises + Glaciers +more...


Jul 3rd, 2012, 06:27 AM
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Norway: Possible? 9 Day trip Oslo-2 Fjord cruises + Glaciers +more...

Please help with the itinerary. If need to add or decrease days, please tell me.

Day 1. Oslo
Day 2. Oslo
Day 3. Oslo-Alesund by train, sleep in Alesund
Day 4. Cruise to Geiranger + self drive to Loen for sleepover (75 km. 1 hr)
Day 5. Self Drive to Hellesylt Waterfall & Briksdal/Jostedal Glacier & Fjærland glacier+ sleepover Flam or Balestrand???
Day 6. Cruise from Nærøyfjord along Sognefjord to Bergen, sleep in Bergen
Day 7. Bergen, sleep in Bergen
Day 8. Bergen-Flam-Myrdal-Oslo by train
Day 9. Oslo (fly back)

1. Please help check Day 4,5,6 : how could i change it to make more sense? Is it too tiring?
2. Would there by car rental service that would allow me to do items in Day4,5?
3. Day 6, which should be the starting port of my cruise ? or should I separate 1 cruise + 1 express boat ride? How long would this take?

Background info:
Arrive Oslo about early August
Budget 3-4stars (100-150Euro/night)
Travelling as a group of 4 (2 adults +2 seniors)
Vacation style - mix of sightseeing, nature, city life, not too much physical stamina required
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Jul 3rd, 2012, 07:23 AM
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If you spend night 6 in Flam, consider doing a roundtrip train Flam to Myrdal, so you don't have to detour on your way back from Bergen to Oslo. It's not long and it's very scenic. Then continue on the boat from Flam on the Naeroyfjord to the Stalheim. From the Stalheim you can catch a bus/train to Bergen. That's part of the NIN route. To get the boat from the Naeroyfjord to Bergen you would probably have to go back to Flam. The boat we took from Balestrand to Bergen was a fast, loud smelly hydrofoil and going outside wasn't an option. Enjoy Norway!
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Jul 3rd, 2012, 04:29 PM
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Norled has taken over the fast ferry transport in this area. Bergen- Balestrand- Flam for example. They use new catamarans which are very nice and absolutely dance across the water. You probably won't want to be outside as it gets cool on the water but there are large windows in front and all along the sides for excellent viewing.Highly recommend.

You should look at various options ( NiN) although you don't have to buy tickets through them and can purchase them independently. From Flam you can take Fjord 1 ferry to Gudvangen, then bus to Voss and on to Bergen. The tricky part is including the Flamsbana with your schedule ( Myrdal to Flam or reverse). You could do it enroute from Bergen to Oslo but it'd be a long day. Or on trip from Balestrand to Gudvangen ( before getting on ferry). Again a long day. Staying in Flam would be the easiest way to include Flambana but I didn't like Flam at all except for my hotel The Fretheim which was wonderful.The Flam rail trip takes about an hour each way with some time spent in Myrdal.

There are some very knowledgeable people on the Norway forum at Trip Advisor. Check them out for excellent advice.

Sorry can't help with the first part of your itinerary.
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Jul 11th, 2012, 07:02 AM
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Day 3. Oslo-Alesund by train, sleep in Alesund
I assume you mean Oslo-Andalsnes by train, Andalsnes-Alesund by bus?

Day 4. Cruise to Geiranger
I met a couple from New Zealand in Norway who did a roundtrip by bus from Alesund to Geiranger, then cruise back on the Hurtigen. They said the cruise back was "too long" once they passed the waterfalls etc. at the head of the fjord.
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