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Sam Jun 21st, 1998 12:27 PM

NORWAY - Hotels and stuff to do in Olso/Bergen...
Hello! Please let me know if you have any trip advice for Oslo or Bergen, Norway. I'm also looking for a decent hotel in Oslo. I go in two weeks. Thanks!!

s.fowler Jun 22nd, 1998 02:13 AM

Okay... this is memory from a North Cape cruise 19 years ago.... [no idea on hotels obviously!]Oslo is a charming capital city, clean, polite. Be sure to visit the National Art Museum [some Edvard Munchs for starters...] and the Viking ships in Bygby [spelling unsure]. Wandering around downtown was fun... the city hall is also modedrn and interesting. The ships berth near there at an old fortress named Akershus [I think] Oh... Be sure to visit Frogner Park with the Viegland sculptures... Masssive, unusual and impressive. As for Bergen... the wharf area, the Munch museum, the stave church and Edvard Griegs home. The later I still remember with delight years later! It is on the rugged coast. Food? well I tend to eat simple ... I love the open face sandwiches and a good beer! Now I want to go too!

kimberley Jun 22nd, 1998 04:39 AM

I was in Norway almost a year ago and had only positive experiences. In Oslo I stayed at Hotel Continental and loved it. I'm not sure what price range you're looking for (this was about $130 for a double), but it was beautiful, within easy walking distance of many shops, restaurants and sights, and had a fantastic breakfast buffet included. My favorite city was Bergen - I'm sure if you're planning a trip, you're aware of many majar landmarks but just in sure to walk along Bryggen Bergen (a row of hundreds-of-years-old historic buildings on the water, now shops and restaurants), the fish market (eat shrimp that was caught two hours before, and it's cheap!), take a mountain train up Floibahn for a view of the city, and take a cable car up Ulriksbahn (eat hot waffles with jelly at the restaurant on top), consider a day cruise (like Norway in a Nutshell) to see the fjords, eat a soft ice cream cone (soft is) dipped in cocoa powder (sounds weird until you've tried it!). The best dinner I've had in my life was at Brygestuene (in one of the buildings in Bryggen, you can't miss it, get the reindeer). The biggest rip-off dinner I've ever had was at Baltazar ($350 for four people and we left so hungry we went out for fast food after). Hope this helps. Let me know if you'd like any more detail or the ohone number for Hotel Continental. kimberley

Nils Jun 27th, 1998 01:29 AM

I live in Bergen. I also recommend The Aquarium. You can go to there with a little, old ferry from the fish market. I also highly recommend the 900 year old Haakonshallen (one minute from the Bryggen). Also the home of the famous norwegian composer, Edvard Grieg, is absolutely worth a visit. <BR> <BR>In Oslo I also recommend the Holmenkollen ski center and the Nationa Gallery of art,the king's Castle and the fortress of Akershus. <BR> <BR>Welcome to Norway! <BR> <BR>Nils

alberto Jun 27th, 1998 05:48 AM

Some friends of mine and I thought it'll be a very good experience spending two weeks in scandinavia tour, this summer. We prefer Norway and in particular, of course, Bergen, oslo and its fiords. <BR>Can you send me some useful information to our trip? <BR>Can you tell me something about Stockholm, too? <BR>Waiting for a reply, at your convenience <BR>alberto

Bob Kennedy Jun 28th, 1998 08:05 AM

Just returned three days ago. I stayed at the Europa Rainbow Hotel in Oslo which we enjoyed and found close to everything. Take the city bus tour to get an overview of the area. Really enjoyed the peole and the city. Same for Bergen. Stayed at the Augustin Hotel which was reasonable and centrally located. Took the walking tour which was enjoyable but limited to the old former wharf area. If you have other questions or require more information, just email me. <BR> Bob

Jeannette Jul 4th, 1998 04:04 PM

I got back two hours ago from a two week tour of Scandanavia. I agree with the comments about Bergen and Oslo. However, Stockholm was a highlight of our trip. We spent two full days there and it wasn't enough. We also spent two days in Bergen and Oslo. We needed the days in Bergen to adjust to the jet lag but if you aren't starting in Bergen, consider shortening your time there and adding a day in Stockholm.

Jay Aug 4th, 1998 07:05 PM

Thanks to all for your responses. I'm also planning a possible trip to Norway next year, and the ideas were quite helpful. I've also heard that the train ride between Oslo and Bergen goes through some magnificent scenery. Also, another auto route between the two cities has some great mountain and valley views in the eastern part, and fjord views nearing Bergen. Anybody tried those options?

Nils Aug 5th, 1998 03:27 AM

The train from Oslo to Bergen first goes through the Hallingdal valley with woods, a beatiful river and scenic, but not so dramatic mountains. From Geilo you go into the Hardangervidda which is a unique mountain area. From Myrdal the train goes into the more dramatic valley area in Western Norway to Voss which is situaed between scenic mountains and a beatiful lake. The last 80 kilometres you go along a fjord with the biggest inland island in Europe: The Osteroey and steep mountains. The two drawbacks are the tunnels and the weather which can be variable. But this train route it is absolutely worth to try. By car you also drive through the Hallingdal (from Ringerike/Hoenefoss). In Hol you can go via Aurland/Gudvangen/Voss to Bergen. Or you can drive to Geilo and from there across the Hardangervidda to Eidfjord and Bergen. On this trip you need to take one ferry between Eidfjord and Bergen (some kilometres from Eidfjord). If you take this trip, you can go to Bergen via Voss or via Norheimsund (along the famous fjord "Hardangerfjord"). Please do not hesitate to e-mail me if you need furhter information. Nils

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