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carolelaine Sep 28th, 2004 08:37 AM

Norway & Sweden in October
Help, please! I am leaving for Oslo on Oct 2, and due to a very bad summer, have had next to no time to plan this trip. I am going for work, (Oct 8 & 9 in Oslo, Oct 14 in Stockholm) but taking along my 13 year old daughter for sightseeing Oct 3 - 7, 10-13, and Oct 15 & 16 -- and we need to do it as economically as possible. I've read many useful posts here, but still have lots of questions.
1. Oct 3 - 7, I thought we'd take the train to Bergen, and then go up the coast to do some more fjord viewing.
-(Might rainy October weather make a big difference in how enjoyable this trip is?)
- Would the relatively early sunset mean that we shouldn't try to do the Oslo-Flam-Bergen trip in one day, since part would be in the dark?
- My daughter would love to get as far as the Arctic Circle - I am not sure how realistic that is for this 5 day leg of the trip? I'm also interested in Samiland, but again, what about time? I assume we'll fly back (from wherever) to Olso, where I have to be by late afternoon on the 7th.
- Does it make a difference, visually, if you come down the coast, and go from Bergen to Oslo, or vice versa?
- What boat does one book, and how?
2. From the morning of the 10th to the evening of the 13th, I need to get from Oslo to Stockholm. Should we just fly, and save the time for sighting-seeing in Stockholm? Or take a more scenic train and ferry route? (We'll have only a day and a half after my Stockholm meeting on the 14th before leaving.) Are there places in Sweden besides Stockholm itself we should be seeing?
3. Should I be considering a Scanrail pass for this, or doing something like Norway in a Nutshell?
4. Suggestions for nice but inexpensive places to stay? (The nights of Oct 7-9 we'll be put up at The Holmenkollen Park Hotel, which looks great - but what about someplace less expensive and more convenient for the night we arrive in Oslo? And Bergen? Stockholm?)
5. Should I have all of the hotels booked before getting there? Can I do it there through tourist information places? Which way would I get better rates?
Thank you so much, in advance, for your help.

hopscotch Sep 28th, 2004 06:18 PM

Some thoughts.

You see one fjord and you are floored by the awesome sight. The next one is fantastic and the next one is starting to get boring. Just my opinion.

Olso has the Thor Hyerdahl Museum with his Kon Tiki and Ra II "ocean going vessels." It is unbelievable that a grown man would go to sea on these things. Do not miss it. There is also a great little Viking Ship Museum and other sights.

Going to the Arctic Circle is OK but the scenery gets duh way up there except for the fjords. I would go no further than Trondheim, if that, with your limited schedule. I used the train, and then buses and ferries north of Bodø.

Good point about the early sunset. Stockholm in December is remarkably different than in June. You will have to plan your days at this time of the year. Next time do a summer trip and take your daughter to Tivoli in Copenhagen, or the park with the same name in Stockholm.

I always travel without reservations, except for my first day(s) in Europe. You should be OK at this time of the year with that up north. Go to city tourist offices for hotel information, or go serendipity into hotel lobbies as you find them. Always inspect the room before paying.

Boots Sep 28th, 2004 08:34 PM

Carolelaine: I will respond to your question #2. I have driven the Oslo-Stockholm route several times, and it is fairly boring as far as scenery is concerned. I would fly if I were you. Norwegian Air has flights for about $90 one way including tax. You may be able to find other flights at
Hotels in Oslo and Stockholm are very expensive except in summer. Since you have so little time to plan, I suggest you ask at tourist offices. I have done that in the past, but now I have favorite places to stay and usually enough time to check prices on the internet. Sometimes one can find a good last minute rate on the internet. is one I have used in the past, but not for Scandinavia.
Have a good trip! Boots

Bjorn Sep 29th, 2004 11:02 AM

Carol. I agree with Boots regarding Oslo-Stockholm.
And just forget about the artic circle, unless you can deal a nice Oslo-Tromso roundtrip by air. That might have been fantastic, even if midnight sun is no more on the agenda this year, and especially if weather forecasts are good.
October often serves brilliant, thogh chilly, days in the Oslo region.
Do NOT plan for a one day Nutshell roundtrip for one day from Oslo! Light hours are too few, and that roundtrip would be too exhausting even in summer.
Many hotels close down for the season around this time. But if Stalheim ( still is open, I really would go for the Nutshell starting at 08:11 or something and ending at Stalheim around 5, continuing with a bus stretch to Bergen next morning and return to Oslo. An additional day would put Bergen to your agenda, if you wish.
Sorry I have so little time just now. And you have so many questions I'd like to answer and you also are in a hurry. But anyway, may be we can figure something out.
Bjorn, Oslo

Bjorn Sep 29th, 2004 11:05 AM

Correction to prev msg: Bus stretch to Voss
Please be patient with all my typos and nongrammars

carolelaine Sep 29th, 2004 11:22 AM

thank you all for your helpful replies. I still have some more time before leaving, so if Bjorn or anyone else has time to wrote more, your messages will be gratefully received!

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