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hodo75 Aug 26th, 2021 03:27 PM

Northern Italy - Please review - is this too much?

Trying to finalize an itinerary for next summer. 2 adults in their 40s. Am I too ambitious with this itinerary?

Monday - overnight flight to Milan, train to Varenns

3 nights - Varenna (lake Como)

Train to Venice

2 nights Venice

Train to Bologna (I went to college there and would love a culinary trip down memory lane...but not totally necessary)

2 nights Bologna

Train to Cinque Terre

2 - possibly 3 - nights Cinque Terre

Fly out of Florence or Pisa

(I've been to all these places before; my husband has not. I'm trying to show him the places I love but worry this will be too much)

OPTION 2 is to do lake como, Venice and the rest of the time in Amalfi but I worry we would waste a whole day traveling.

Any advice is appreciated! I'm all over the map and really want to start booking.


dreamon Aug 26th, 2021 03:52 PM

With a short holiday I would not include Amalfi coast if you want to also visit the north. Even travel to Cinque Terre is quite a long journey. Personally, I'd skip Cinque Terre and spend that time in either your other destinations or another of the Italian lakes.

I think you should plan to be in your departure city the night before flying home (unless it's not critical if you miss the flight). With your list of places, that could be Bologna or Venice if flights are available.

If Bologna is not essential, then you could fly into Pisa, then CT - Varenna - Venice - fly home from Venice. Still a lot of travel for a short holiday.

An itinerary such as one of these might suit:
Varenna (3) - somewhere on lake Garda (3) - Venice (2) - Bologna (2)
Varenna (4) - Venice (3) - Bologna (3).

janisj Aug 26th, 2021 06:32 PM

I'd ditch the CT and add the 2 or 3 nights to Venice and Florence. As it is you'll have very little time in Venice after nearly 5 hours on the train you'll net 1.5 days there. And you'll want to be in Florence (or wherever you end up flying out of) the night before flying out so adding 2 nights to Venice and 1 to Florence would make for a much easier/more doable itinerary.

If you were to keep Milan and Florence as the arrival/departure airports something like 3 nts Varenna, 3 nts Venice, 2 nts Bologna and 2 nts Florence would work. Or you could rearrange everything, skip Florence and fly into Venice and out of Milan

MMM Aug 26th, 2021 07:47 PM

With 10 nights, I'd do Varenna for 3 (and make some boat visits to nearby towns); Venice for 4 (with a possible daytrip to Padova or Verona); and Florence for 3 (with a day in the countryside).

KTtravel Aug 27th, 2021 08:54 PM

Your pace would be fine for me but I don't mind a fast pace. However, probably best to spend a night (or two and see the location) in the place you will fly out of. It sounds like Bologna is the least important stop for you so I would probably skip it (although I love Bologna) in favor of adding a bit more time to your other locations. Have a great time!

annhig Aug 28th, 2021 04:25 PM

I agree with others saying this is too fast paced, especially as your DH hasn't seen them before and may well want time to absorb what is already familiar to you. In particular traveling all the way to Venicet only to be taken away from it almost as soon as I'd got there would be beyond frustrating to me. And what does your DH think about the itinerary?

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