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carey Sep 1st, 2000 08:35 AM

Noone has ever responded to my messages
I have posed several questions regarding Rome, and the Amalfi Coast, and have not receive ANY responses. I am doing something wrong??

Thyra Sep 1st, 2000 08:42 AM

Carey, sorry no responses but though I have been to the Amalfi Coast and once to Rome, I don't have very much valuable info to give on those places.Most Fodorites want to help. If it makes you feel any better I have posted a couple of messages in the past that no one responded to. I can't recall your message headers, but if they weren't descriptive try to make them so. A lot of regulars don't respond to headers like "Rome Hotels" but will respond to something like "First time to Rome, help me find a hotel near the Trevi Fountain". Like I said I don't remember your posts but be persistant and someone out there is bound to know something.

Maira Sep 1st, 2000 08:45 AM

Carey---- Usually that happens of the topic has been extensively covered already (but usually somebody will suggest to do a search...), or the title is very ambiguos/not "catchy" enough, or it is part of the first 50 messages early in the AM as opposed to the heavier "traffic" hours (between 6pm-1100) when there is a lot more people online. <BR> <BR>What are the questions? I am heading for Rome in Mid-February. When are you going?

michele Sep 1st, 2000 08:46 AM

Carey, <BR> <BR>There is a lot of information on Rome and the Amalfi Coast posted, maybe your question could be answered by a search? If you have tried that without success, I would repost your question with a desperate plea perhaps for information. <BR>Try again! <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>

Julian Sep 1st, 2000 11:30 AM

I'm not sure what your questions actually were, but if by chance you were asking questions that could easily be answered by opening any decent guidebook, people tend to be more reluctant to respond.

Cheryl Sep 1st, 2000 08:55 PM

pish-posh I think people really should and do like to tell folks about thier great finds and should realize that people asking here really want some answers. Every time I go to this site, ( Okay, I am an addict) I go to my home area and try to answer a question. If I can save anyone from another area from a not so great travel experience in my home area I'm really happy

topper Sep 2nd, 2000 04:17 AM


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