No Smoking on Air France?

Jan 26th, 1999, 09:18 PM
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This writer is a relative newcomer to this forum and hence not familiar with its historical postings; it seems to be the issue was "do inter-continenal
flights allow smoking?" No, they do not.

As to all the the 'smoker V non-smoker' arguements, it is an adult choice. You
can choose to live in an extremely healthy way, and die healthy, or you can choose not to, and die of smoke-related illnesses. That is what free choice is all about. I do not believe that you have the right of infecting people around you if all that is said of second-hand smoke is true.

That brings me to the point that prompts this post: Anger is a natural reaction to something that that threatens either your state of mind or imperils your existence. Venting that anger, or in it's milder form, stress, as opposed to bottling it up, has clinically been proven to be more beneficial than less.
Thus, I doubt that Christina is going to grow up to be a wizened old maid with thinnin' hair and brittle nails. More likely, she'll have richer hair and CLAWS (just kiddin', I don't know anything about you guys, 'member?).

Here is the larger issue that the responses to this post brings up: The media IS the message, and they can demonize whatever is the issue du jour, and they are largely, if not entirely, driven by profits. The objective of the newspaper/magazines is not to report the news, but to get you to buy the publication. And, in the interests of achieving that end, they will do what it takes to persuade you to do so. That is why the internet is such a valid means of exchanging info, for now, at least. I do believe that it is only a matter of time before the mega-corps take it over and push tech will predominate.

By the way, can anybody tell me about
Cinque Terre in Italy?

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