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caitlin Dec 10th, 2001 05:27 PM

No Interest in Barcelona--help!!!!
Ww have found out that we will have a business trip to Barcelona in Fall 2002. I have never wanted to visit there or in Spain. I realize that sounds terrible, but my interest is in France or Italy. Can anyone suggest an add-on for our Barcelona trip? Thanks, and P.S. we will enjoy that part of Barcelona that we will see during the business trip but will be happy to relocate elsewhere.

Julie Dec 11th, 2001 04:19 AM

I don't understand your aversion to Barcelona and Spain. Both are wonderful. You can find plenty to do in Barcelona and you'll be surprised at what an interesting, varied and cosmopolitan place it is. The Gaudi architecture alone is worth going for. Do a quick search of this site for Barcelona and you'll find oodles of things to check out--Ramblas, Port Vell, Olympic area, Montjuic, Barri Gothic to name a few. It also has some of the most exciting interiors for bars and restaurants on the current scene. I bought a book on this subject. It features one or two places in Tokyo, another one or two in London, etc. but has four in Barcelona. You'll love it. <BR>For a trip beyond Barcelona, go to the Costa Brava. We stayed in Roses (or Rosas, spelled differently here and there) but took side trips to Cadaque and Figueres, both with ties to Salador Dali, former a home, latter a truly interesting museum. Just outside of Rosas is also the restaurant El Bulli where Ferran Adria, currently regarded as the best chef in the world, cooks. You'll need to check ahead because the restaurant closes in September sometime, but if you're a foodie and willing to spend money to support your habit, this is the current mecca--30 course tasting menus with carmalized foams and lots of other envelope pushing. I envy you. This could be your best trip ever.

Jim Dec 11th, 2001 05:10 AM

You might actually like some parts of Barcelona, but The south of France is only about an hour or two away. We go often, Carcasonne is very closee too - an old walled city with a castle and everything, very cool, very close.

Kavey Dec 11th, 2001 05:18 AM

I adore France and Italy and France and they are often our default choice when planning a trip to Europe.<BR><BR>However when we visited Barcelona a year or two ago I absolutely adored it...<BR><BR>It really was a fantastic European city, with so so so much going for it, and I am sure you would actually love it, given that you enjoy France and Italy.<BR><BR>I suggest getting a guidebook such as Eyewitness and reading it and getting a feel for Barcelona. <BR><BR>Also have a look for trip reports from Barcelona, including my own, which are posted here on Fodors.<BR><BR>If after doing that it still doesn't appeal, there are many destinations you can get to from Barcelona, including your preferred Italy and France.<BR><BR>Kind Regards<BR>Kavey

Kay Dec 11th, 2001 07:38 AM

Caitlin, I am driving from Menerbes, France to Barcelona. It looks to be only a 4 hr. trip according to viaMichelin and as Jim mentioned, Carcasonne is probably about 2 hrs. away. I am going to Deia in Majorca for a few days after that. I don't know anyone that has been to Spain that didn't love it. I can't wait to see Barcelona. This is my first trip to Spain. I will be there in May/June 2002 so I will post a report for you on my return. Have a great trip!

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