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No clothing questions recently - What to wear in France in September


Aug 16th, 2001, 11:02 AM
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No clothing questions recently - What to wear in France in September

I'll be in Paris and Southern France in mid- to late-September. If it was earlier or later in the year I'd know just what to wear. But at that time, how warm is it likely to be? Will it be too cool or not fashionable for open-toed mules, for example? Will I be chilly with a sleeveless dress at a dress-up dinner? Please, some guidance!
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Aug 16th, 2001, 01:21 PM
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It might be easier to answer a question like this if you told where (generally) you live, and what are your expectations of "warm", or weather for open shoes or sleeveless dresses. The weather in Paris will be like Boston, Chicago or Seattle in September. The south of France more likely similar to Atlanta, New Orleans or
San Diego.

And hasn't everyone experienced a "dress-up dinner" which had the air conditioning set too low - - because it was 90 degrees outside - - and all the women in spaghetti strap dresses wanted to borrow a jacket from the men they were with?

This question has as much to do with how you would dress in September in "similar" cities (i.e., NOT Nome, nor Kuala Lumpur) - - as it does the actual climate in France.

Best wishes,

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Aug 16th, 2001, 03:09 PM
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I've been in both places in Sept and obviously, it's warmer down south. However, neither was especially hot in the evening, I always had a light sweater with me (or heavier in Paris). I wouldn't wear open-toed mules while traveling myself in any case, so I can't advise on that one--they are too casual for evening dressup and too flimsy and uncomfortable for daytime walking around, but that's me. Well, maybe some styles could get by in evening (I do wear nice leather "slides" in summer in evening, but not mules, although there are some fancy ones I've seen), probably you could wear them down south no problem, I wouldn't in Paris in Sept. unless you're talking maybe some Jimmy Choo mules for the dressup dinner? That would be cool. As for sleeveless dress, you will be inside at a nice dinner, I would think, so outside weather doesn't matter much. I wear sleeveless things in winter for dressy occasions; it depends on the ventilation of the place you're going as to whether it will be warm or too cool inside, so who can guess. I would not take a summery-style sleeveless dress in Sept. Historical temps (hi and low) for Paris and Nice by month are available on many places: Yahoo weather, www.paris.org weather section is good.
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