Nightlife and beaches?


Jul 23rd, 1997, 11:12 AM
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Nightlife and beaches?

My friend and I are planning a trip for sometime in
'98. We're looking for a place where there is a lot
to do in the daytime, as well as a great nightlife with a not too young crowd. Beaches would be key. We've been to the Greek Islands...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Jul 24th, 1997, 09:34 AM
R. Ahmed
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Try Malta. Got back from the Island yesterday and Talking about great Beaches, Malta has so far I could count 57 of them. Make sure you go to St. Paul's Bay and Mellieha Beach. Mellieha has close to a mile of sandy beach going towards the water and just dipping in to the water makes you feel refreshed. After you had your noon nap at the beach you can go sight seeing because Malta has a history dating back to 60 AD.

The night life at St. Julien's and St. Pauls is great. Just make sure if you don't want the teen age crowd, get there after midnight. Maltese speaks English fluently since they were a British C olony since 1964 and cost of living is very affordable.

Happy traveling!
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Jul 26th, 1997, 11:52 AM
Monica Richards
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For the best combination of nightlife and stuff to do during the day, Greece can't be beat. Italy is beautiful during the day, and of course the food is great but there isn't a whole heck of a lot going on at night. I have heard that Spain has a little bit more in the nightlife department--perhaps you should investigate that? Monica
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