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masti Feb 11th, 2000 05:46 AM

Night Train
I intend to take a night train from Garmisch to Prague. I noticed that I need to change train in between, but I am worried that I might oversleep and miss the station that I need to drop off for train connection. Will there be a announcement for passengers to change train when the train arrive at the station? If not, how you guys solve this problem? <BR>Also, how come the duration is so much different for different departure time? <BR>Lastly, is night train safe? are we allow to lock the door when we are sleeping? <BR> <BR>Thanks! <BR> <BR>mast

Valerie Feb 11th, 2000 07:52 AM

I took a night train from Prague to Budapest last Oct and there was a conductor in the same train car. We asked him how many stops to Budapest and he told us exactly how many stops and at what times. There were a lot, perhaps 12 stops. I didn't hear any announcements at each stop but heard the hand whistle of the conductor each time. The point is that the conductor can tell you everything you need to know and he might be willing to wake you at your stop. I would suggest locking the doors, they do lock very nicely. Also, not to scare anyone but there was a serial killer on the French trains that was just arrested a few weeks ago. He killed three women in total. One was butchered in the bathroom of an overnight train. And by the way, I was very frightened in the Prague train station at night several months ago, as it doesn't appear safe.

Kevin Feb 11th, 2000 10:36 AM

You need not fear travelling at night on trains. It is economical, and safe. When the conductor comes around to stamp your documents, he will see where you are needing to get off, and will wake you when the time comes. If you feel unsure, specifically ask to be woken up BEFORE arriving at the station. I always set my watch alarm for 30 minutes before arrival, so as to be ready to get off, right when the train stops. <BR>There are differing times of duration due to different routings. Not each overnight train between two destination points follows the same routing. So make sure that you are on the right train! <BR>Having travelled the rails in Europe over the last 15 years, I find personal safety to not be a major problem. Theft of luggage or documents would be more common. But with the use of prudent precautions, you should have no problems. Most compartments will have lockable doors, but that is not always the case. <BR>If I can be of further assistance, do not hesitate to ask. <BR> <BR> Cheers! <BR> <BR> Kevin

MChang Feb 11th, 2000 11:07 AM

To be absolutely sure you will wake up, I would take a travel alarm clock. I once took a night train, and there were four of us needing to get off at the same stop. We asked the conductor to wake us when we arrived, but I guess he forgot. Needless to say, we woke up at the end of the line. The staff on the train kind of shrugged it off and said, basically, "That's your problem."

the teutonic turnip Feb 11th, 2000 04:39 PM

Just my two schillings but I've taken exactly ONE overnight train and it was terrible. Having strange people in the same room even with the door locked on the rest of the world was not restful in the least. I don't think you could really call it sleep. We ended up being zombies for a couple days after because of it. Maybe others are braver, or it gets easier the more you do it, but once was enough for me. I'd rather take a very early train instead.

Paulo Feb 12th, 2000 05:40 AM

According to the German Rail site, the train you want to take leaves Garmisch at 9:31pm and arrives in Munich-Pasing at 10:45pm (no sleeping car or couchettes). You then take the D-1504 sleeper train at 11:19pm, arriving in Prague at 8:10am. All you have to be concerned with is to get off the train in the Pasing station, a little more than an hour after you've started ... otherwise you'll follow to Munich-HBf (main station). In case you do, you'll have to hurry to switch trains because it arrives at 10:52pm and the night train departs Munich-Hbf at 11:10pm. <BR>The other train you probably refer to isn't actually an option for your journey ... the D1126 (sleeper) leaving Garmisch at 10:51pm arrives in Munich at 12:19am. But the train to Prague leaves only at 6:49am! (and this explains why the trip duration is so different). <BR>Paulo <BR> <BR>

mast Feb 12th, 2000 08:32 AM

<BR>Thanks for all the advices, there is one more question: if we lock the compartment's door, can other passengers open it from outside? or can they demand to be entered? <BR> <BR>mast

Paulo Feb 13th, 2000 04:30 AM

If you have a private sleeping cabin and you lock it, nobody will get in. If you're on couchettes, the conductor may open it to let anybody with a reservation in. <BR>Paulo <BR> <BR>

harzer Feb 13th, 2000 06:45 PM

In view of the responses to your query I do not think you should have any misgivings about the night train to Prague. After all, the very worst that can happen to you is that you get butchered fairly soon after leaving Garmisch, and, due to a succession of incompetent conductors, arrive simultaneously at six different destinations, none of which is Prague. However, if there are vestiges of doubt about your safety, you might like to leave Garmisch at 12.13 arriving, almost certainly in one piece, in Prague at 20.04. You have two changes on this route: bus ex G. to the nearest railhead, RB train to Munich, EC train through to Prague. Alternatively, you can take one of the trains indicated, praying that any nutters on the same train are only cereal killers. In this case it is best to avoid the dining car, especially around breakfast time.

mast Feb 13th, 2000 11:42 PM

<BR>Harzer, perhaps I should bring lots of corn flakes along!

Valerie Feb 14th, 2000 03:47 AM

Okay, okay, so it's not likely you'll run into a serial killer. However my point is that you can't say that personal safety is not an issue in Europe. If you are a 100 pound( 7-8 stone) female traveling alone, personal safety is always an issue even in Europe. Especially on a dark quiet night train. My message is that one should always be aware of their surroundings, both men and women (especially at breakfast around cereal!)

mast Feb 14th, 2000 04:55 AM

<BR>valerie, don't take it too seriously. honestly I am very thankful for your advice. I will be travelling with woman and children, thus safety is definately the main concern. In fact my friends also told me many terrible stories from their Europe tour, but then, who can resist Europe? <BR> <BR>again, thanks to everybody------I believe that most of you guys are very helpful and kind. <BR>cheers, <BR> <BR>mast

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