New Year 2000 in PARIS, URGENT!!

Old Dec 28th, 1999, 04:45 AM
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New Year 2000 in PARIS, URGENT!!

Can somebody please tell me what are current conditions in Paris because of the Sunday storm. Is it badly damaged?

I am planning to go there for a new year party on the street. Leaving home on 29th.

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For what I read as of this AM, if the wind storms are over, the New Year's celebrations in Paris will not be disrupted. Versailles was the cultural monument most damaged (roof damaged; 10,000 trees uprooted), one of the stained glass windows at St. Chappelle was shattered, slabs of roofing at Notre Dame was damaged, newspaper kiosks are all over the place.

A new storm hit southwest (Bordeaux, Toulouse, Biarritz) France last night.

I'll say at a minimum, bring your own flashlight....
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Here's a BBC url with a fuller story:

We were in Ste-Chapelle last week. The pictures on tv of the damage to the roof of Notre Dame as well as a bent spire were sobering... although monuments can be repaired, while human life cannot be restored.
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Over 50 people have died, most from trees hitting their cars. Aside from that, there are a lot of branches and twisted metel (roofing) lying about, and many trees have been uprooted. For that reason, you may not be able to safely visit parks and forests. The train service is an absolute mess, but they are working on it and it should be fine by the 29th. The metro was normal today. So aside from the loss of human life and many, many trees lost, it's Paris as usual. Chirac says the NYE plans in Paris will carry on despite the storm.
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Thank you very much for your answer. I would need one more information. Do you know how the weather will be on the NYE?
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The storm is ending now.
For the next days, an anticyclon arrives , and we will have a nice weather, with sun, but with low temperature (about 0C during the night, 10C during the day).
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Life is back to normal in Paris, but train connections are still bad. A good part of France still has no electricity but they are repairing it (round 2 million homes...). Problems are still present in the center, east and south-west of France due to Monday's evening new storm, which did not hit Paris.
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Matjaz, I hope you followed through with your plans to be in Paris on New Year's Eve. What a spectacular show! I think when it is all over Paris will get first prize for the best celebration. How exciting it would be to be there in person!
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Two thirds of the country has been declared a disaster zone. 500,000 people are still without electricity(it was 3 million last week). its the sort of freaky weather that you dont expect in West Europe.


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