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Concerned Sep 30th, 2001 08:03 AM

New warnings for US travelers within the next 48 hours
The Observer newspaper (London) and other serious media are warning of an upcoming attack on Afghanistan within the next 48 hours. According to the warnings, terrorist groups may had already positioned some members to attack/kidnap/kill American and British tourists worldwide in retaliation. Beware.

Stuart Sep 30th, 2001 08:05 AM

Sounds similar to the threat to Boston last week, nothing happened.

just my opinion Sep 30th, 2001 08:09 AM

"Nothing happened" that you know off. Maybe a lot did happened that you never had to find out. <BR> <BR>Better safe than sorry.

s.fowler Sep 30th, 2001 08:12 AM

When the military action DOES begin [and there is a story on BBC's website that says it's soon] it is logical that such attacks could be forthcoming. I doubt that they would be as well organized or concerted as the recent tragic events in the US -- but it's a good idea to heed some of the advice given by the US State Dept. about keeping a low profile etc...

Escritora Sep 30th, 2001 08:16 AM

"Concerned": <BR> <BR>If we do indeed face a threat that is, in your words, "worldwide," what do you suggest we do? Hide out on another planet until it's all over? <BR> <BR>Yes, life is dangerous. I live in NYC and when the wind is right still get the smoke from the WTC, so I don't need your reminders of that. Nor do I need vague pronouncements posted by anonymous people that serve only to create more fear and hysteria. <BR> <BR>If you have specific and useful information--say, if you note updated State Department travel warnings--post it. As for generating more fear, I think the terrorists are quite capable of handling that without your assistance.

Pickens Sep 30th, 2001 08:23 AM

I heard this monring that the State department did issue a warning to Americans abroad, especially in Asia or the Middle East, to be on guard about kidnapping and personal attacks. I heard on both CNN and This Week with Sam Donaldson, et al.

s.fowler Sep 30th, 2001 08:31 AM

I'm with you, Escritora -- I understand your response completely. <BR> <BR>I looked for the specific BBC [or Yhaoo] story -- but it was just a line in one and not a headline -- the prediction was based on the fact that British vessels are postioning themselves. <BR> <BR>I'm not going to stop traveling/living -- on the other hand I'm not going to walk down a major Parisian boulevard with a sweatshirt say says "The US rocks" or something like that:) As the "first" father would say -- "that wouldn't be prudent"!

Audrey Sep 30th, 2001 08:48 AM

The State Department issued a worldwide travel caution on Friday. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>My personal situation is this: We are scheduled to take 30 youth/young adults to England in June (for a church trip). Plans need to be made now and our group is fairly evenly divided as to whether or not we go. As one of the adults in charge, I am really feeling that this is not a good idea. <BR> <BR>What do you guys think? <BR> <BR>Audrey

Jim Rosenberg Sep 30th, 2001 08:57 AM

Audrey, that's an interesting problem. Deciding things like that for myself is easy, but I'm less inclined to try to influence the decisions of others. I guess my first inclination would be not to "lock in" on things any sooner than you have to and remain flexible as long as you can. England next June doesn't sound like a very threatening concept at all to ME, but views on that will certainly vary. Events may come into play for all of us that would demand re-evaluation of things, too.

Escritora Sep 30th, 2001 09:01 AM

Thanks, Sally. <BR> <BR>For those who want to read what the State Department is saying rather than what someone heard Sam Donaldson say the State Department is saying, you can read (as I have) the full text of the latest statement at <BR> <BR>The statement says, in part, that the Department has "unconfirmed information that terrorist actions may be taken against U.S. military facilities and/or establishments frequented by U.S. military personnel in Korea and Japan. We also remain concerned about information we received in May 2001 that American citizens may be the target of a terrorist threat from extremist groups with links to Usama Bin Ladin's Al-Qaida <BR>organization. These individuals have not distinguished between official and civilian targets." <BR> <BR>Note that the information is unconfirmed and that some of it was received in MAY, which means it could refer to the WTC attack. We don't know how the terrorists' minds work. We're not going to know, to be able to anticipate their next move. <BR> <BR>And we delude ourselves if we think we CAN outsmart their twisted evil minds by, say, staying out of Europe, because they might very well have plans for us right here on our home turf. They certainly already hit MY home turf. Are you going to not take your kids to a ballgame, or to the shopping mall, or to their favorite fast-food drive-thru in case the terrorists have those spots in mind? Because they might. That's a chance much of the rest of the world has had to live with for years. Now--at least FOR NOW--we have to live with it, too. <BR> <BR>But I am not going to live with it by retreating to a bomb shelter, being perpetually afraid or otherwise withdrawing from life. No way, folks. Terrorists may indeed dispatch me from this world. But they are going to have to work hard for it--they're not getting a damned bit of help from me in the effort.

Escritora Sep 30th, 2001 09:15 AM

This is the full list of countries the State Department advises us to avoid, listed in reverse chronological order of their addition to the list. <BR> <BR>Indonesia - 9/27/01 <BR>Tajikistan - 9/26/01 <BR>Pakistan - 9/25/01 <BR>Kyrgyz Republic - 9/21/01 <BR>Turkmenistan - 9/19/01 <BR>Yemen - 9/19/01 <BR>Macedonia - 9/5/01 <BR>Iran - 8/24/01 <BR>Sierra Leone - 8/20/01 <BR>Israel, the West Bank and Gaza - 8/10/01 <BR>Sri Lanka - 7/24/01 <BR>Iraq - 7/20/01 <BR>Libya - 6/6/01 <BR>Liberia - 5/31/01 <BR>Algeria - 5/31/01 <BR>Central African Republic - 5/30/01 <BR>Solomon Islands - 5/1/01 <BR>Guinea-Bissau - 4/30/01 <BR>Colombia - 4/17/01 <BR>Bosnia & Herzegovina - 4/13/01 <BR>Democratic Republic of Congo - 4/11/01 <BR>Somalia - 2/16/01 <BR>Federal Republic of Yugoslavia - 2/13/01 <BR>Afghanistan - 12/12/00 <BR>Sudan - 12/12/00 <BR>Burundi - 12/7/00 <BR>Angola - 9/8/00 <BR>Lebanon - 8/28/00 <BR>Albania - 6/12/00 <BR>Nigeria - 4/7/00

Concerned Sep 30th, 2001 09:40 AM

Escritora, you blasted me for posting information that is being published worldwide. Are you blasting the US Dept of State also? After all, they are issuing the same warnings. You seem to be mad about the situation we are under, and seem determined to keep your head under the sand. In reference to state specifics, what a childish comment; if I knew the when and how, I would either be a terrorist leader or pretty close to one. Your response is a knee-jerk reaction ("I dont want to know", "I don't want to hear it" "Go away", "nah, nah, nahnah,nah"). <BR> <BR>About your list, I sure will had felt very safe on Sept 11th to go to the WTC after reading that list. Obviously, the list is the sure thing when it comes to safety for those who like specifics...... Sad display of histeric denial is more what I read into Escritora's response. <BR> <BR>Once again, travelers, keep a lot profile. Beware.

scaredstiff Sep 30th, 2001 09:53 AM

If you had a college kid in another country-would you get them home or just have faith? (Country is here in North America.) How about flying home this next weekend? Thanks-

Escritora Sep 30th, 2001 10:01 AM

First, "Concerned," you published NO information, only hearsay and hysteria. <BR> <BR>Second, re the absurdity of your comment that "I don't want to know": On September 11 I saw the ashes of cremated victims of the WTC attack falling on my house like a snowfall. I can SMELL the attack from my home. What exactly about the attack can you tell me that I don't know all too horrifyingly well? <BR> <BR>It's YOU who are keeping you head in the sand if you believe that staying away from airports and foreign cities will protect you. I was NOT living in absolute safety in my own city on September 11, and neither are you now. <BR> <BR>The State Department has posted useful information on its site. Your postings on this site are useful only to those who seek to create uninformed fear.

Kathy Sep 30th, 2001 10:16 AM

<BR>Audrey, <BR>Altho I'm still traveling, both domestic and international, I am not in a group which in my opinion would be like shooting "I'm an American". I hate to say I would not say that now but in light of these warnings I would not advertise it and in a large group I believe that will be difficult to hide. Be safe what ever you choose.

Art Sep 30th, 2001 11:09 AM

I just returned from a 3 week trip to central and eastern Europe. I have to say that the people there were very friendly and sympathetic to Americans. I also received the following email that I would like to pass on. <BR> <BR>I received this letter from my daughter stationed in Turkey and am passing <BR>it on. Please do the same. <BR>---------------------------------------------------------------------------- <BR>------- <BR>Dad, <BR> <BR>I started sending this to each person as I read their e-mail and have now <BR>decided to send it as a group e-mail, so please pass it on for me. Through <BR>the last few days I have received too many messages against Muslims and the <BR>Middle East right now I need to stand up and inform all of you of <BR>something. <BR> <BR>Do any of you have any idea how many Americans live in the Middle East? At <BR> my base alone, we have 1500 and I am sure this is one of the smallest <BR>places <BR>in the Military. We have been threatened repeatedly by the same group we <BR>think is responsible for the actions against America, so do you know what <BR>happened within hours of the first strike? Muslim Turks surrounded our <BR>buildings. They close off the street and built barricades. They put <BR>themselves in between us and anyone who would attack us. They surrounded <BR>our school and ensured our children got home safe. Now they swarm about in <BR>plainclothes guarding all the places Americans frequently go I have even <BR>noticed them outside our homes watching carefully for any sign that someone <BR>may be out to harm us. <BR> <BR>As the collapse of the buildings was shown on CNN these MUSLIM Turks cried <BR>for us and our country. They are preparing to go to war with us and assist <BR>us in enacting our revenge. I cannot walk across the street without someone <BR>apologizing and offering sympathy to me and my country. <BR> <BR>I want you all to know this is the same thing that is happening all over <BR>the world. In our base paper it told us of our bases in Japan, Germany, <BR>Spain <BR>and Italy being guarded more heavily, just as I know our bases in Saudi and <BR>United Arab Emirates, and Egypt are being guarded. These people are <BR>guarding us against the evil that did this. <BR> <BR>No, these terrorists are not Muslim, but they are evil, using the face of <BR>religion just as it was used during the Spanish inquisition and countless <BR>other times throughout history. Please, while you are praying for the <BR>victims and their families, pray also for Arab Americans and American <BR>Muslims so they will not become victims as well. <BR> <BR>SSgt Jamie Mallory <BR>

Misia Sep 30th, 2001 11:22 AM

My husband and I are going through with our travel plan next Thursday. I am one of those people who decided I am not going to let the terriorist "take the freedom of traveling" from me. However, I want to exrecize extreme caution like the State Apartment advised. I woulod not want anything bad to happen to me and subsequenly giving the terriorists more ammunition to stir fear in people's mind. My question is really about "keeping a low profile." I am an Asian American, so maybe my appearnace would not likely shout out "I am a American." My husban is Caucasian and was born and raised in the US. What should we do to avoid drawing attention? Also, was Americans the only targets now? isn't there reports about threats against British people as well?

kk Sep 30th, 2001 04:46 PM

to Art and "tad nervous," <BR>thank you both for your postings. <BR>For Art, yours made me feel better, and alas, tad n, yours made me apprehensive, but even if it isn't true that the terrorists are ready to drop the next shoe, I am glad our people are planning on that and trying to prepare. <BR> <BR>On the other hand, I think sometimes that both sides are trying to scare each other to death and there is lots of saber rattling....would that that was all it would amount to...but I am not THAT optimistic, not by a long shot! <BR> <BR>Students of WWII history will recall the so-called phony war that lasted many months, before the Nazis really kicked in their battle plans. One columnist I read today compared this period we are in to that. O gulp, is all I have to say. O yes, and may the good guys win!

Audrey Sep 30th, 2001 09:33 PM

I would not hesitate to go to Europe if it were only my family involved. <BR> <BR>I agree with you, Kathy, that this group of 30 would just scream Americans - even in England. The kids have even planned to wear t-shirts with our church's name and location on them. I agree in theory with the idea that if we change our lives because of these attacks then it is as if the terrorists win. This is the arguement that the kids are giving us right now. However, as an adult who would be responsible for the safety of these kids, I just don't feel good about the trip. <BR> <BR>The wait and see approach will work for another 2 or 3 months but then firm plans will have to be made for a group this size. <BR> <BR>Audrey

Sally Oct 1st, 2001 12:10 AM

As a European, I can say that what makes Americans noticeable in Europe is: <BR>- (big!!) white SNEAKERS and white socks <BR>- colorful rucksacks <BR>- teeshirts (usually white, with logos) <BR>- loud, self-confident talk <BR> <BR>This is not to bash Americans, just what gets noticed here. Europeans tend to dress more conservatively, in somewhat darker clothes. Also they usually wear 'ordinary', fairly dark-coloured shoes (with the exception of (very) young people), not sneakers or gym shoes. <BR>Hope this helps. <BR>

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