New State Dept. Warning for Italy

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I have traveled abroad several times over the last two decades during periods of terrorism; in fact, now that I think of it, I seem to be places during it or just before or after in Europe or the Middle East. Generally, terrorists who do not like American capitalism target American Express offices and various well-known American chains, espec. fast-food restaurants it seems, and most espec. McDonalds. I would avoid being around any of the above in Italy, and I would avoid taking large excursions or tours (even city tours for a few hours) as those have been targets in some places, like Egypt.
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U.S 6th Naval Fleet is stationed in the lovely city of Gaeta,
about one hr north of Naples.
There are also navy personnel stationed in Naples.

How sad!
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Kate, I feel like we're in the same boat. My wife and I have been planning a return to Italy (we honeymooned there two years ago around this time) for November 2-14. Have been going back and forth lately about whether to go, but just last night decided we definitely would. Which was a relief, because I could get back to the researching and planning that's half the fun of a trip. And now this warning. I think we're going to hold off on cancelling for now, but I can definitely empathize with your decision. Have a great anniversary wherever you end up.
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When we were in Rome last week the places we heard were adding extra security included American Express offices, the U.S. Embassy, and Planet Hollywood restaurant.
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been there
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I wouldn't miss a chance to go to Italy, unless there is a military action going on whole heartedly at that time. Individual Italians generally like Americans.
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I think I know what your true sentiment is, Nancy, but you might have stated it better. (It kind of reads like you think it is "sad" that there is a US presence in the area.)
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Good for you on deciding to go! My hubby and I will be there the week before you!
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Did anyone see the news tonight about the specific plans to attack Paris? They have someone in custody there who confessed that he received instructions to strap on a bomb and blow himself up at the American Embassy. Another cohort was to leave a minivan packed with explosives in front of the American Cultural Center.

IMO, European travel is just not safe for any Americans at this time. There are too many loose strings and too much potential for harm.
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Actually the US State Dept Advisory for Italy has been out for some time, a few weeks now. It has just been updated. I thought it odd that it wasn't mentioned until now on Fodors.

I also thought it was pretty well publicized about the terror suspects being arrested just days after WTC in England, Hamburg and Paris with the knowledge that there was a plan to attack the US Embassy in Paris.

Here is a good link for Worldwide Travel Cautions
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Vita & anyone else:
There is a news story in todays New York Times about this which they got from an AP story (can't quote it here cause of the new Fodor's posting rules). You can read the story at
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Chris, The previous announcement from the State Dept. was for protests over a meeting in Naples that was supposed to happen at the end of September. This announcement is unrelated to that one and specifically refers to terrorism.

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