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Dina Dec 10th, 2001 08:27 AM

New Greek Island of Sifnos page on Dina's illustrated travelogue
For those of you who are following my travelogue, the new page is<BR><BR>For those who don't know what I'm talking about, the travelogue begins on<BR><BR>Thanks so much for your past enthused responses!

Kay Dec 10th, 2001 05:06 PM

Dina,<BR>I've just come across your website and love it! My husband and I travel overseas (from Australia) once a year, next year we are off to Italy for 5 weeks so I was particularly keen to read the sections on Italy. The way you write is great and so are the photos. The comments about the tight Euro pants and the girl in the shop who couldn't sit down had me in fits of laughter, and the bit about the little girl begging and you gave her the bracelet was lovely.<BR>Terrific job you are doing! <BR>Kay

Dina Dec 10th, 2001 05:20 PM

Thanks so much, Kay! I DO work real hard on the travelogue pages, but it's also tremendously enjoyable. If I didn't write it I might forget those funny stories!

Helen Dec 10th, 2001 09:31 PM

Thanks Dina! The photos are so beautiful, and I enjoyed your "poetic" moment - it really captures the blue and white and sun and see...!<BR>Waiting for Egypt!

Patrick Dec 11th, 2001 07:09 AM

Darn you, Dina! I saw this post last night about 10:30 and thought I'd give it a quick check before going to bed. It must have been well after midnight before I finished reading every word. It is a great site!! Not only did I feel the excitement of your great trip, but I saw a couple who must be very much in love experiencing life together. Congratulations!

Dina Dec 11th, 2001 08:44 AM

<BR>Sorry I kept you up late Patrick, but it's music to my ears....I wanted to make a very personal, impressionistic montage. <BR>And yes, we still like as well as love each other after the long, long trip. We married last year in our mid-40's. First marriage, first major travel for both of us.<BR>Thanks, Patrick and everyone!!

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