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xxx Dec 19th, 2002 06:46 AM

New Baggage Policy-No Locks!
I just read this and have serious concerns about theft from checked luggage now and until the airlines can ensure our property will not be stolen by dishonest employees I don't think I'll be abiding by this policy.<BR> <BR>

it's-a-bad-idea Dec 19th, 2002 07:19 AM

I guess if the airline decides they need to check your luggage, they'll break the lock??? Agree that leaving one's bags unlocked isn't a great idea. Surely the legal dept for the airlines reviewed this policy ... are we to assume their liability is higher for potential theft?<BR>

x Dec 19th, 2002 07:25 AM

Ask anyone who's worked in baggage handling - locks are worthless anyway. If they want in, they've got keys to open any lock. If its a combo lock, most are easily broken. Don't put anything you don't want stolen in your checked luggage.

aaarrrgggh Dec 19th, 2002 08:00 AM

the problem is - I don't want ANYTHING stolen.

aaa Dec 19th, 2002 08:04 AM

Who would want anything to be stolen. One always takes the chance. Take out very comprehensive travel/baggage protection insurance and deal like the rest of us.

Skippy Dec 19th, 2002 08:05 AM

<BR><BR>How about bagels?

curiousx Dec 19th, 2002 08:07 AM

I have never locked a suitcase yet, and never lost anything.<BR><BR>That said, I never pack anything that I can't replace easily and (relatively) cheaply whether the luggage is lost in transit or opened and pilfered from.<BR><BR>Valuables travel with me in a small carry-on or stay at home.<BR><BR>That said, I wonder if the fear of pilferage is exaggerated. Have any posters ever lost anything to theft ? Did the loss amount to more than inconvenience ? And how did you cope ?

BillK Dec 19th, 2002 08:27 AM

Actually , I did have things stolen. <BR>On the return flight from Toronto back into Wisconsin, more than 1/2 of the items in my suitcase were stolen. All of the souveniers for my family, my dress shoes ( go figure) etc was taken. <BR>That was the last time I checked a bag on a Business trip. At least for that kind of trip, I can force everything I need into a carryon.

Patrick Dec 19th, 2002 08:35 AM

When BA &quot;forgot&quot; to load all our luggage from London to Amsterdam and we were missing it (all four of us), they said they'd deliver it to our Amsterdam hotel. But we needed to leave keys or combo to locks (which is what we had on ours) with them in order for them to deliver it. That was in case customs would need to open the luggage, they said. We gave them the combinations as we had little choice. No problems, but thought that was interesting.<BR><BR>Frankly I've always thought the locks do little good if someone wants to get into the luggage. Their main purpose is to make the traveler feel more comfortable.<BR>

fluffnfold Dec 19th, 2002 08:37 AM

My boyfriend (who is now my husband) once had a brand-new bottle of after-shave stolen from his luggage en route from Philadelphia to Mexico. While that was annoying, he was quite happy that no one looked farther into his bag to discover the engagement ring that he had hidden in there for me! I still can't believe he was silly (I really should say stupid!) enough to pack that! He didn't want to keep it in his carry-on or on his person for fear that I might discover it before his surprise proposal.

Debbie Dec 19th, 2002 08:38 AM

Ok - I have a question. <BR>If we are not supposed to lock our luggage ( which I do as much to prevent stuff from coming out, if the zipper opens, as much as prevent theft) - <BR>AND the suggested replacement is &quot;tamper-evident temporary plastic tags &quot;<BR><BR>AND you can not bring scissors in your Carry-on luggage<BR><BR>JUST HOW DO THEY THINK WE WILL GET THE PLASTIC TAGS OFF, ONCE WE GET TO OUR DESTINATION???<BR><BR>Is this a matter of , which came first the chicken or the egg?

Patrick Dec 19th, 2002 09:38 AM

Debbie, I've been rolling on the floor laughing at your post. Not because it is silly, but because it is such a very good point!!

Jen Dec 19th, 2002 10:03 AM

LOL! Just another job for the concierge, I guess.

Brah Dec 19th, 2002 10:04 AM

Debbie:<BR>We use those little plastic strip things and pack a little blunt edged pair of scissors in the pocket of the suitcase! Last time we flew, we asked about the blunt scissors and I was allowed to carry them in my purse. (!) But the other times I just stash them in a outside pocket.

Debbie Dec 19th, 2002 10:23 AM

I will have to search out a pair of those baby scissors for my trip in spring. <BR><BR>So - I am thinking - if any of you have stock in a company that specializes in luggage locks - sell now! - there will soon be no market what-so-ever for them....

zzzzz Dec 19th, 2002 10:28 AM

^<BR>Should you &amp; your luggage part company, here’s an article on Frommer’s site on how to handle situation.<BR><BR>The Bottom Line: What Do the Airlines Owe You When They've Lost Your Luggage?<BR>;destid=AIRFARE<BR><B R>

Debbie Dec 19th, 2002 11:30 AM

OK - just thought of something else.<BR><BR>The whole &quot; don't put anything you don't want stolen in your carryon&quot; idea works fine for the trip there. <BR><BR>What about the trip home? The bulky Aran Knit sweaters you found? the clunky souveniers for Mom? The t-shirts for all the neices /nephews? <BR><BR>I usually put all my dirty clothes/shoes in a duffel bag, and reserve my suitcase (which locks ;( ) for my souveniers. <BR><BR>What now?

Marilyn Dec 19th, 2002 11:40 AM

I know one time I forgot the keys for the locks and it took my cousin 30 seconds to break into the bag. I usually just have clothing in my check in bag, so why would they need to look? M.

Betsy Dec 19th, 2002 11:58 AM

LOL! Conversely, we should all go out and buy stock in the companies that make those little plastic tags!<BR><BR>I wonder if that company that ships your luggage ahead for you at an exhorbitant price lobbied for this regulation?

xxx Dec 19th, 2002 01:32 PM


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