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ThisBuds4ME888 Jun 20th, 2003 05:06 PM

Need Train Info in London
I am flying into London, Gatwick Airport. I am then traveling to Scotland by train. I need to know what train station to go to from Gatwick, I am pretty sure it is Kings Cross. And I am also wondering do I need to take a taxi from the airport to Kings Cross or can I take Gatwick Express?

Thanks for the help!

Devon Graham
[email protected]

BlingBling Jun 20th, 2003 05:17 PM

The Thameslink trains will take you from Gatwick to Londons Kings Cross station. You can check out their website for more info.

John71cove Jun 20th, 2003 05:23 PM

Take the Gatwick Express to Victoria Station. Cost GBP11 and takes 30 minutes. Then take the tube from Victoria Station to King's Cross.

janis Jun 20th, 2003 05:35 PM

For your journey - definitely follow BlingBling's suggestions over Johns's.

Normally the Gatwick express is a great way to go - but in your case the Thameslink goes directly to Kings Cross so you would not have to schlepp your bags on two diffent tube lines or spend the money for a taxi. Thameslink would be much easier, plus faster and cheaper

BlingBling Jun 20th, 2003 05:40 PM

John - why would you take a train from Gatwick to Victoria station only to connect to the tube to Kings X when you can take the Thameslink directly into Kings X? Even if your way is a bit cheaper it's not worth the hassle.

BlingBling Jun 20th, 2003 05:45 PM

Forgot to mention that the Thameslink to Kings x train may not be an express, it may stop in Croyden and some other stations but it's still better than having to change stations and buying another ticket for the tube. The Thameslink platforms are a bit of a walk to the GNER platforms - just an FYI.

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