Need to buy Yorkie in Paris

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Air France allows dogs under ten pounds in the cabin.
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I thought the OP was the father, actually.

Regarding why I (I presume this was targeted at me) asked why the OP's daughter couldn't look the info up in the phonebook herself since she was living in Paris?

I thought the response to that would be very relevant for the answer, that's why. If someone is trying to buy a dog by searching for a petstore in Paris online (as stated in the original Post) for a person who lives in Paris but cannot seem to find a pet store in Paris -- well, how could you not ask such a question?????

The only response I could think of was that a) daughter wasn't really that interested in the whole thing, and didn't want to bother b) daughter was incapable of the most basic effort expended for this animal, which would not bode well for taking care of it or doing what was necessary to make sure the dog was healthy and the sellers were okay, or c) daughter was too busy (etc same as (b), or d) daughter didn't know a word of French or anyone even in Paris to help look it up in the phonebook.

Now which of those responses is irrelevant to helping someone buy a dog in Paris?
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>Air France allows dogs under ten pounds in the cabin.<

Maybe they do but is it fair to the dog for it to be kept in a kennel in the cabin for the duration of a transatlantic flight, and is it fair to other passengers on that flight when that dog has a call of nature during said transatlantic flight?
BTW that weight, 4kgs includes the weight of the container. It will be a very skinny Yorkie that would meet those requirements!
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As I said in my first post, I am not usually the reactionary type, but this post struck a nerve. Frankly, anyone who has worked or volunteered in an animal shelter would likely react the same way that I did. I was only the second person to respond to the OP and since that time Intex has provided more information regarding the exact nature of her question. As demonstrated by many other posts, I am not the only person who was upset by the question. It was vague and, however unintentional, came across as crass. She did not mention that the dog was for her daughter, nor that her daughter was living in Paris.

I did apologize for jumping to conclusions, but I stand by everything I have said about pet ownership, especially now that I know more of the details. It simply does not sound like the wisest move for a foreign student studying in Paris for a short time to purchase a dog while there. In addition to many factors already mentioned, I would not subject an animal to a transatlantic flight (in the cabin or not) unless it was absolutely necessary.

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Bloom, if the OP's daughter is incapable of finding on her own something as basic as a PET STORE in the city where she lives (leaving out the fact that buying a dog from a pet store is a bad idea in the first place), then how on earth is this dog owner going to find a reputable vet in Paris? Discuss this dog's healthcare needs with the vet she eventually finds? Handle the rules and paperwork of obtaining a pet passport? Handle the rules and paperwork of bringing this dog back to the U.S.?
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Darn, I almost missed that fun thread because - in my total ignorance - I thought that Yorkie was a nickname unknown to me yet for Yorkshire Pudding.

Quite a bizarre mix or questions and answers, though I think I would second apersuaders's opinion that we cannot expect an OP to disclose his whole personal life and upload relevant documents as pdf files to prove to the concerned Fodor's community that he or she is capable to own a dog.

If we took the argument "You could have found out that yourself (on Google, in the phone book, etc.)" seriously, half of all threads here would probably vanish in thin air.

The dog should have the EU chip implant, which in some EU countries is not mandatory if the dog stays only in that country. But crossing any border will not be possible. I would like to see proper documentation from the vet who did chip the dog (chip the dog? I hope, you know what I mean), especially when I bought the dog from a private person.
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My 7 yo and I stumbled on the pet shops on the Quai de la Mégisserie on our first day in Paris and we went by there a couple more times during our visit. I can't vouch for where the stores get their animals, but some of the operations were clearly better run than others.
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i would never ever buy a dog from a petstore. if your daughter volunteers at animal shelters....she would never want to buy a dog from a pet store either. pet stores are supplied dogs from puppy mill or mass puppy breeding facilities where the chances of getting an unhealthy or mentally unsound dog are very likely. either rescue a dog or look into the akc breeder referral equivalent in france and start dialing into breeders.
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Well, I though this thread was about buying decent chocolate bars.

But since we're really talking about alleged cavalier treatment of dogs, we all ought to remember the basic rule about buying pets.

A dog's not just for Christmas. You should always leave a bit over for Boxing Day sandwiches.

And if that doesn't stop all this squabbling, nothing will.
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honestly some of you people who are pontificating down to this poster need to take a valium or a stiff drink for gods sake.
The poster asked an honest question yet some of you proceed to question motives and reasons and everything about this posters psychie...Lord!
Pour yourselves a cocktail and back away from the keyboards people!
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i myself was curious about whether it was about chocolate or a dog

I have to agree with bloom and also support the poster here, there are people with way too many sweeping speculations about how this dog is going to be cared for or the dog experience of the owner.

If only people would trust the integrity of the poster, or at least ask the questions before preaching from the altar.
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