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branden Mar 6th, 1997 12:34 AM

Need the perfect hotel for Venice!
My wife and I are travelling to Italy in May and are having trouble finding a hotel in Venice for three or four nights. We need a nice room with a private bath - nothing fancy, just clean and conveniently located. Any ideas for a hotel that won't cost more than our airfare?? Thanks!!

Rod Hoots Mar 6th, 1997 06:13 PM

For three or four nights, recommend the Concordia. A tad expensive but right off San Marco Square and convenient to everything. Any travel agent can book you.

Andrew Mar 7th, 1997 07:01 AM

We used Fodor's guide for hotels very successfully. There are hotels along the large canal in front of Marco Polo Plaza with varying rates. We had a large room in an older hotel overlooking the canal not more than 150 yards from the Plaza at a very resonable rate. Found it in Fodor's guide on Italy.

Joe Ferris Mar 8th, 1997 04:34 PM

Without question, the best hotel in Venice is the Danieli. It is not cheap, but you will never forget it.

l.martin Mar 9th, 1997 04:08 PM

yes. the Danielli is very nice but why spend so much money--we stayed at the sister hotel Europa-Regina just a ways before it on the Grand Canal for a bit less and were very pleased--other relatives and web-site explorers have recommended the same--now, it wasn't cheap but the room was very spacious and great location to the piazza and harry's bar!!!

Steve Mar 10th, 1997 08:59 AM

We stayed at a nice little hotel called the Bisanzio, it's listed in most guidebooks and I think maybe connected with Best Western reservations. It's a small, family run place. The location was fine(near the Danielli)-the staff was most helpful and offered excellent restaurant suggestions. It was the best for the money I found in Italy.

Paul Nickerson Mar 11th, 1997 08:47 PM

Last June I spent two comfortable nights at the Hotel Ala at Campo St. Giglio near San Marco's; it was clean, cheap, friendly, good breakfast, but small.

KG Mar 16th, 1997 09:17 AM

Has anybody had an experience with Hotel Bellini in
Venice. Will be going in April. Also how is the
train to Florence?

Doug Pearl Mar 17th, 1997 05:38 PM

In regard to KG's question about the train to Florence... this is the one train trip during my 2 wks in Italy last fall, where my girlfriend and I got bumped from 1st class because we didn't have seat reservations. No big deal, you just go to 2nd class, but be advised that this is a heavily travelled route (Venice to Florence).

Andi Mar 17th, 1997 08:02 PM

My husband and I spent 2 nites at the Hotel Falier. It was reasonably priced with pvt bath. Very quiet but within reasonable walking distance of the Piazza de San Marco(San Maroc Square) and other wonderful sights. We went in mid July and although the room had no A/C we loved it. MANY Italian hotels don't have this feature, so to speak. But how much time do you plan to spend in your room anyway? :) They were very friendly and helped in anyway possible I really enjoyed it.

murphy Apr 16th, 1997 09:08 AM

I read your reply re: train from Venice to Florence. I'm spending 2.5 weeks in Italy (leaving next week) and have a Europass. I'm concerned about the reservations. Everything I read says reservations are required, even with a pass, and then I read that train stations only reserve 3-6 hrs in advance of a train, and that travel agents only do them 1-3 days in advance. Enlighten me on reservations! Here's our train itinerary: Venice to Siena (thru Florence); Siena to Naples (thru Rome, on to Sorrento); Rome to Assisi, and Assisi to Florence. Thanks for any info!

Rommy Apr 18th, 1997 01:38 PM

Cmon, in Venice you've got to stay at the Accademia like Hepburn. It's a lovely place, just over the wooden bridge from the main craziness but tranquil, down to earth. And it's near the Peggy Guggenheim Museum. And the bus-boat stops right at the bridge, so it's a short walk to the hotel.

Michael Palfreyman Apr 21st, 1997 01:25 PM

Read your note about the Accademia. What are the prices for a double with private bath in May/June.

marcia landman Apr 22nd, 1997 09:52 AM

I second the Hotel Ala. The location is very
convenient, just a few minutes walk from the Plaza
San Marco. The price was very reasonable, the hotel
was clean, the staff was pleasant and English speaking and our room overlooked a canal where the
gondolas went by every evening. The room was very small, just as the hotel told us when we made our
reservation. The bathroom, however, was newly
renovated and a pretty big.

branden May 6th, 1997 12:31 PM

Please email me to let me know how the Hotel Bellini turned out. I will be there the last few days in May! Thanks!!

Sonya May 6th, 1997 08:53 PM

We are going to Venice in September. The Accadamia
had no reservations. Fodor's gave a good recommenda-
tion for the American. We ask for a room facing the
lagoon. Has anyone stayed there? Thanks!

barbara Kernan May 10th, 1997 10:19 PM

barbara Kernan May 10th, 1997 10:19 PM

bkernan May 10th, 1997 10:21 PM

ffSan Gallo, just a few stops from San Marco is charming and with a sweet rooftop restaurant for breakfast, and very reasonable.

Karin Jun 15th, 1997 11:13 AM

We are a young swedish couple who are going fly + drive to Bologna in July, staying one week. We are planning to take a few days trip to Venice. Have anyone some tips for cheap and nice hotel (with private bath) in Venice and what to do with reservation and car parking. Name and telephone numbers is apprechiated... Are they maybe some nice smaller (and cheaper) cities/villages with beaces nere Venice or do you have to go down to
the Cattolicia, Riccione and Rimini area?

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