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bridgejc Jan 17th, 2008 10:15 AM

Need some advice on Scotland!
Greetings everyone!

My fiance and I are scheduled to be married at Dunnottar Castle in Scotland in September of this year. Neither of us have ever been to Scotland before, and are at a loss on where to even begin as far as "must sees" while we're there!

We will only be in this area for 3 1/2 days (after that, we're flying to London for a few days)... so any advice we can get on "what to see" would be GREATLY appreciated! By the way, we do plan on renting a car while we're there.

As for our interests, we both love castles (the main reason we're going to Scotland in the first place), and we also love local "oddities" (i.e. we definitely want to visit Loch Ness).

That said, thanks in advance for ANY hints on where to go/what to see!


janisj Jan 17th, 2008 10:32 AM

Congratualtions! Dunnottar is magnificent. Keepp your fingers crossed you have a nice day because the setting is amazing.

Now - just a couple of comments. You only have 3.5 days and that includes the wedding - right? If so PLEASE forget about going to Loch Ness. It isn't even that pretty a loch - there are MANY better places in all corners of Scotland and it is just too far/inconvenient from where you will be. You aren't going to see Nessie (trust me on this :) ) so there won't be any "oddities" to be seen at Loch Ness.

There are soooooo many great castles, pictish stones, etc. w/i a short-ish drive of Dunnottar/Stonehaven and wonderful coastal scenery in Aberdeenshire. I'd plan on spending the entire time in that area. We have a Fodorite who lives in Aberdeen and hopefully she will see your thread to give you ideas for a special place to stay.

OR - you could spend 2 days in Aberdeenshire and 2 days in Fife or in Edinburgh. How are you getting down to London - train or plane, and where from?

GiuliaPiraino Jan 17th, 2008 10:34 AM

You are going to have a beautiful wedding! This wedding gallery looks really gorgeous

Congratulations! Sorry I don't know that particular area well enough, but if you make it down to Edinburgh or Stirling, both of the those castles are lovely and worth seeing!

janisj Jan 17th, 2008 10:42 AM

Giulia: The wedding isn't at Duns Castle - that is a totally different place. This is Dunnottar which is a dramatic, mostly ruined castle, on the edge of the sea.

GiuliaPiraino Jan 17th, 2008 11:00 AM

Yep, caught that right after I posted! You're keeping me in check today :-)

GreenDragon Jan 17th, 2008 12:26 PM

Dunnottar Castle is on the edge of the area known as both the Castle Trail and the Whisky Trail - and in a lovely area of the country, the Cairngorm Mountains. You should have plenty to fill your plate with.

Perth is a very nice city to visit as well, and about halfway between there and Edinburgh. With only 3.5 days, (including the wedding!), though, I Would imagine only one or two sightseeing days are left. I would pick 2 or 3 castles to explore, perhaps a distillery to tour if your are interested, and sit by the seaside for a bit with your new beloved :)

Suger2 Jan 17th, 2008 02:27 PM

I don't know where your wedding castle is but I would suggest going to St. Andrews. It's a lovely town with castle ruins & an abby.
Had a good dinner at the Tudor but don't remember prices.
Near Inverness is Eilean Donan. a castle I enjoyed.
Another castle, this one furnished, is Blair Castle outside Pitlochery.
Best wishes to yoi.

deedeezee Jan 17th, 2008 04:40 PM

The area around Ft William is charming...Isle of Skye, Loch Lomond...Eileen Donan Castle is so picturesque

janisj Jan 17th, 2008 05:24 PM

Eilean Donan Castle, Ft William and some of the other places mentioned are on the opposite side of the country from Dunnottar. W/ only 3 days you will probably want to stay closer to the east coast.

But maybe give us some more details. Does your 3.5 days including the wedding? And where are you flying out of?

amelie Jan 18th, 2008 08:11 AM

Glamis Castle

I'd go to Edinburgh, and see Glamis on the way. But that's just me.

ps. Dunnottar is breathtaking! :)

LJ Jan 18th, 2008 08:28 AM

I have been to where you are to be married with my husband: we had taken a side-trip from Aberdeen and wandered around the whole area in our little renatl Ford for a couple of days. Your wedding site is wildly romantic and you are blessed to be celebrating such a wonderful moment there!

We spent a very happy afternoon not far away ahead at a typical Scottish resort/originally fishing village called Lossiemouth. It was a windy October day and we found a 'chippy' that was frying up and sat and had fish and chips on the waterfront in the sunshine.

We still smile when we think of that trip.

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