Need ideas for areas outside of Rome

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Need ideas for areas outside of Rome

We will be traveling to Rome during the Thanksgiving holiday. Since we have visited Rome before, we think we would like to rent a car and drive to some smaller towns....any ideas?? We have been to Naples and Pompeii.We love the countryside and small towns.
Thanks in advance!!!
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There are many very charming small towns in Umbria. They are easy drives from Rome. I've been to Orvieto and Perugia. There are many, many more.
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Just pop on the A1 and head for Orvieto. Be sure to do the tour of the caves beneath the city. Chiusi is another gem of a town and close to other good places like Pienza, Montepulciano, and so on.
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Go get lost in the province of Rieti, a place I found rather enchanting. The town of Orvinio, for example (not to be confused with Orvieto) - - where there is nothing in particular to see - - but this was half of its charm, actually.

I think I have posted more about this place before, and I would actually have to search it to remember some of the details (a jeweler named Mario, I think - - who took us on an impromptu tour on a nearby farm to see some 1300 year old Romaensque church ruins, with no paved road leading to them).

If you want me to dig around on this, post here and let me know.

Or write.

Best wishes,

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umbria is the tuscany of twenty years ago. i would visit spello, montefalco, bevagna and trevi. all along the road from spoleto to perugia. memorable. ciao.
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And Rieti might be the Tuscany of 70 years ago.
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You did not mention how far you are willing to drive, so it's difficult to offer specific suggestions. If you want mountain and seacoast scenery, take A1 south out of Rome, then SS82 which puts you on the coast south of Terracina. The drive from T. to Naples along the coast is very nice, and then take one of several routes back through the mountains to link up w. A3 north of Naples to see spectacular views of "traditional" Italian mountain villages. Further south (take A3 around Naples), there is the Amalfi Coast w. which you are probably familiar. But if you are willing to go still further, the drive along the coast from south of Salerno to Maratea rivals the Amalfi Coast. Then at Maratea there is the impressive "Cristo de Maratea" statue on the mountaintop overlooking the entire Gulf of Policastro, which affords a spectacular view of both the coast and the charming village of Maratea--be sure to park near the plaza and walk the narrow streets of Maratea if you go that far. The statue is about 100 ft high and depicts Christ w. outstretched arms--truly awesome. The drive up to the statue from Maratea is much like the drive along the Amalfi Coast except the last kilometer or so is virtually "in the air"--the road is simply supported by a number of tall support beams way above ground level--you have to have faith in Italian civil engineers to drive this one! From Maratea, drive NE toward Trecchina and then NW to Rivello (not Ravello, which is the popular tourist stop just above the Amalfi Coast) which is arguably the most picturesque mountain village in Italy. Imagine a dipped-top ice cream cone covered w. chocolate and you have some idea of the way Rivello drapes the peak of a tall, slender mountain high above a beautiful valley. And you can drive all the way to the top! At Rivello, you will be very near A3 again, or you can loop back south to the small town of Sapri on the coast to complete the loop. The entire loop is only 50-60 kilometers, so it's a pleasant half-day drive.

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