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Mark Oct 1st, 2001 05:36 AM

Need Hotel Ponte Sisto fax #
I've been searching the internet for info on the Hotel Ponte Sisto in Rome. The hotel was sold a few years ago and totally renovated in either 2000 or 2001, which has resulted in the posting of a variety of rates, phone numbers, and fax numbers. Could one of you Fodorites in Rome do me a huge favor and email me the correct fax number? Also, does anyone know if they have an active email address or web site. I've been unable to locate one that works. Many, many thanks in advance!

Steve James Oct 1st, 2001 06:28 AM

Hello Mark, <BR> <BR>I've just done a quick search and found this: <BR> <BR>Fax: ++39-06-68631801 <BR>E-mail: [email protected] <BR> <BR>Hope this helps ... <BR> <BR>Steve

Mark Oct 1st, 2001 05:15 PM

Thanks for your help, Steve. Unfortunately, I've tried that email address a couple of times before and my messages get bounced back to me as undeliverable. Anybody have a different address/phone number/a web site??? <BR>Many thanks!

Bjorn Alvik Oct 1st, 2001 09:49 PM

Hi, Mark. <BR>If you ask me, the hotel never managed to reopen. At least it was not open late october 2000. Reason I know this is that I arranged a Rome trip for my company last year. Late 1999 I got contact with the hotel and even booked a bunch of rooms. However, something "smelled", and for security reasons I also booked another hotel. Happy I did so. In june last year I was told by my Ponte Sisto contact that reopening still had to wait for a long time... <BR>It was a pity, because the hotel really was great located and seemed perfect. <BR>They also used to have a website: <BR> <BR>This site has changed a lot since I visited it, so maybe they have managed to get back in business. <BR>Bjorn, Oslo

candice Oct 2nd, 2001 04:21 PM

Hi Mark, <BR>I am going to Rome in a few days, this is the number I have for The Ponte Sisto- <BR>phone-686 8843 fax- 683 08822 <BR>At the time of the printing of the numbers, the hotel was dye to reopen after extensive renovations. <BR>Hope this is helpful~

candice Oct 2nd, 2001 04:22 PM

forgive the spelling mistake- <BR>the hotel was due to re open~~~~~~

Mark Oct 2nd, 2001 04:53 PM

Bjorn, Candice, Steve... <BR>Many thanks for the info! Today, I was FINALLY able to access the Ponte Sisto's web site. In the past few weeks I tried what I thought was all the combinations of web site URLs and email addresses, using ".com" and ".it", etc., etc. Nothing seemed to work. Now I think part of it might be a glitch in my Netscape Navigator software. (I've been experimenting with Internet Explorer and have had far fewer error messages when attempting to access various web sites.) Once again, MANY thanks to all for your help!

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