Need help with Greece/Turkey itinerary

Dec 5th, 2009, 08:39 PM
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Bill, let me clarify. I'm not looking to get a better rate by waiting until I arrive to book a room. I would, however, like to avoid forfeiting the cost of a night's lodging because my schedule changed and I missed my reservation date. I don't travel with a computer or phone, so I may not be in a position to communicate with the hotel should my plans change enroute.
Also, I wasn't asking for recommendations for the least expensive hotels. I was asking for suggestions for what I ambiguously referred to as "nice" hotels, and let the prices fall where they may.
To amplify my description of what I consider a nice hotel, when I travel here in the states, I would consider Holiday Inn's perfectly acceptable, with the comfort levels I like, while I'm on the road. If I'm staying in cities for a while, I look for higher end chains such as Sheraton, Hilton, etc., although HI would still be acceptable. Of course, I don't expect to stay at these chains on the Greek islands, but that's the comfort level I'm looking for. I don't consider classical old-world charm as an acceptable substitute for comfort, but both would be nice.
I was not expecting to get into such detail on this topic, and let me say that some of the hotels you recommended (I haven't researched all of them yet) look perfectly fine to me.
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Dec 6th, 2009, 02:55 AM
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Good morning Les. No need to clarify but it's appreciated.

The only slight problem I had was knowing where your lodging budget started from. However, whichever place you choose I am sure it will be fine.

To be honest I prefer the small older Greek hotels. They have a bit of character as do the folks (usually families) that run them!

You made me smile with your comment about the small toilet. I always say that as long as it is big enough to hold the waste bin for the used toilet paper then I'm happy. The rough rule of thumb is, the more money you spend the larger the loo!

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Dec 7th, 2009, 05:48 AM
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Les, the tone of your last reply shows why we Americans so often have a certain reputation. Its discussion of the 'comfort level' of various US hotel chains at different price points indicates that your perspective is so totally from the US viewpoint.

Regardless of what you pay, outside of Athens Greece does not abound in the type of facilities you describe that offer what you deem acceptable -- that is, the generous bathrooms (say, 8 x 12 feet), the queen-size beds (or often 2 queens), with the according room size. Most buildings are older, smaller-scale, and do have that charm you can manage without ... flowers, vines, archways, a locale near or on the water. The very recent buildings, usually intended mainly to attract US travelers, will have larger rooms & baths, but in order to achieve that size, often are built far back from shore or from town in open fields without the mature trees and plantings the older places enjoy. At places like these, you will be surrounded by people just like yourself, and with any luck, you will not even encounter a non-English-speaking person. However, the places that suit your tastes to a T, at whatever price level, surely will not be available to you with the no-deposit, no-cancellation-penalty "flexibility" you say that you want. Chain hotels on the Interstate may offer you that, but wait! you're not on the Interstate are you.

May I also note that while you received thoughtful recommendations from a gentleman who has visited Mykonos for decades and gave you advice about places that would enhance an authentic experience for you, I feel that your response had a note of condescension, as tho you were patiently explaining something to a travel agent who just didn't "get it." Perhaps instead of posting here, you should be going to a travel agent who will happily book you into whatever large-bathroom hotel pays the best commission.
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Dec 7th, 2009, 10:41 PM
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Wow! It's funny how different people can have such different interpretations of what others mean to say. I guess it's for just that reason that emoticons are so popular. I wonder if a smiley face would have made my postings more palatable to you?

First, let me say that I am unapologetically American, born and raised in the USA. You will never be able to shame me by accusing me of that!

Before I respond further, let me apologize to Bill (the gentleman you refer to, correct?) if I in any way came across as anything but appreciative for your advice. Condescending? I surely hope not, it certainly does not reflect how I feel about your helpful advice.

Now, travelerjan, to address what appears to be your real concerns.

In response to questions in this thread, I feel that I only described what I would find unacceptable, which, as I recall was "extremely small bathrooms (to the point of being almost unusable)". Certainly, it's your prerogative to prefer bathrooms that fit this description, and I certainly am not going to make assumptions about your personality based on that preference (such assumptions can be more accurately made by the tone of your post).
In fact, I believe that I expressed that the some of the hotels that Bill recommended looked at first glance to be perfectly acceptable (pending the more detailed reviews that Bill suggested I look at).

You also seem to imply, (no, you actually DO imply) that I would be happier never encountering a non-English-speaking person. This reflects a "holier-than-thou" attitude on your part, rather than any sort of insight into my thought processes. I have traveled a great part of the world. I've lived and worked in Germany for 5 years, in a small apartment in a tiny village with relatively few English speaking residents. I’ve traveled extensively throughout Europe, been around South America, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand. In some places (most notably Cambodia and some Chinese towns), I most certainly would NOT seek out native accommodations. Aside from a certain basic level of sanitation, my dietary preferences dictate that I choose hotels that can provide me with "meat and potatoes" Western style meals at the end of the day. Just something else that you can criticize about me, and for which I will never apologize.
But there is a certain attitude among some travelers (you, apparently, among them) that if one doesn't sleep where the locals sleep, one can't possibly be immersed in the local culture. Never mind that one can spend 16 of every 24 hours frequenting the same places, doing the same things, seeing the same sights, and mingling with the same people that those "experienced" travelers do. Is it difficult for you to breathe way up there?

Let me finish by saying that if the other 7 or so posters who so helpfully responded on this thread (as has travelerjan, until the last post) are in agreement with travelerjan's suggestion (i.e., "Perhaps instead of posting here, you should be going to a travel agent who will happily book you into whatever large-bathroom hotel pays the best commission."), please let me know. Your replies have been extremely helpful, but it would be interesting to know if you think my requests are not in keeping with the spirit of this forum.
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Dec 9th, 2009, 04:13 AM
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Boy, am i glad that i did not get involved on this thread, starting the Turkish part. It also shows that it would be very difficult to combine two countries in one thread because of the size it can reach, even if they are neighbors.

I will only say that, taking a tour instead of doing it on your own, before or after a hectic itinerary in Greece, will be tiring and not very pleasant.

If you are still considering DYO for Turkey start another thread or read Ellencmog's recent posts.
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Dec 9th, 2009, 08:31 AM
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otherchelebi, we were lucky to find a 2-week tour of Turkey that covers almost everything we wanted to see. The tour ends in Istanbul on April 29, after which we plan to fly back down south to see the Lycian tombs (the only area that the tour doesn't cover in sufficient detail), then on to Rhodes where we begin the Greece portion of our trip.
It will be hectic, but we've done trips this long before, and this will probably be the only time we'll be in this part of the world.
Thanks for taking the time to reply.
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