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Sherry Apr 7th, 2002 07:08 PM

Need Help with Car Rentals
Now that I finally completed my itinerary I need help renting a car. Most Agencies say there is a minimum of 3 day rentals and I only need a car in Tuscany for 2! If we pay for 3 days the rate comes out to $100 a day. Any suggestions?

Rex Apr 7th, 2002 07:50 PM

There is no good solution to this problem. Look into rail'n'drive options on<BR><BR>Best wishes,<BR><BR>Rex<BR>

Gar Apr 7th, 2002 09:54 PM

hi there,<BR>only chance will be to rent it local. Ask Your hotel when arriving, or go to the next retal office at the airport/trainstation - it is no problem to get a car for 2 days. <BR>enjoy Tuscany<BR>Gar

Joanne Apr 8th, 2002 07:53 AM

Sherry: We just did a three day car rental in Italy for our trip next month through Auto Europe for just over $200. Picking the car up in Rome and dropping it off in Venice.<BR><BR>j

up Apr 8th, 2002 07:54 AM

at a price that is not so "up there"!<BR>

sarah Apr 8th, 2002 07:56 AM

I just booked a one way drop off compact, Rome to Florence for 170 Euros everything included for 48 hours through Budget.

Sherry Apr 8th, 2002 08:53 AM

Thanks everyone for your responses - we really can only use the car for two days. We are picking it up in Florence to drive through some tuscan towns and then we are on our way to Venice two days later. $85-100 a day seems steep to me.

Rex Apr 8th, 2002 02:05 PM

It is steep. Do you have no other train travel planned - - or could you use some? That's why I suggested the rail'n'drive.<BR>

Sherry Apr 10th, 2002 06:38 AM


Sherry Apr 11th, 2002 07:07 AM


paula Apr 11th, 2002 07:26 AM

what else you wanna hear? rent the car when you in town. it is no problem as said above. or use a train if you just wanna go to the city. what is your question now?

Sherry Apr 12th, 2002 05:50 PM

Paula,<BR>I am sorry if I was not clear - I guess I am just not getting the info I had hoped for. All the rental agencies I have contacted require a three day rental therefore bringing the $ too high for just two days. Budget did not quote me anything close ti what sarah got - so I was hoping there was somwhere else to look. The hotel Bellettini told me that they can arrange for a rental car when we arrive, but I am afraid the rates will be too high unless we reserve in advance. Bottom line - I am hoping to spend around $150 for two days!

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