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Need help in beating the "back-from-Europe" blues . . .

Need help in beating the "back-from-Europe" blues . . .

Old Oct 8th, 1999, 02:39 PM
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I love all the suggestions; I too suffer from Paris withdrawal. It's so bad that I burst into tears at the commercial in which edith piaf sings "rien de rien" and the kid sends an email of his empty pot to his mom...fortunately, Lost Wages is a plane hop away so Paris, Paris may help.
I buy French magazines like Marie Claire and Paris Match and then I buy lots of lottery tickets.....
Old Oct 8th, 1999, 02:59 PM
Monica Richards
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You could do what I always do to combat the blues--get a pet! Look at my history:

1996 Greece got puppy Shadow
1997 Italy got kitten Panino (named for an inside joke between my husband and I from the trip)
1999 Spain/ Portugal got kitten Shamu

Okay, so this plan won't work long term (we're at cat and dog max now) but it will help you get over your hump NOW.
Old Oct 8th, 1999, 06:12 PM
Bob Brown
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I know how you feel because I am going through the same thing myself. I keep waking up at 4 AM somewhat groggy and not fully awake, that is 10 AM Paris time, and I have trouble remembering where I am for a few seconds. Part of my therapy is to get in some vigorous exercise each day. Another part is to get involved in something else.
Also, I start thinking about my next trip. Enjoy what you did and try to get into something else.

I think a lot of my problem was fatigue from the trip home as well. Because of various problems it was an anxiety provoking 24 hours with little sleep.
I just don't bounce back like I did when I was younger!!

But above all, go out and get active in something. I benefit by getting the juices flowing in some other activity.
Old Oct 8th, 1999, 10:41 PM
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Take a language class. I'm still not over Italy...I think about it several times a week...and I've been back seven months. I love my Italian class and am planning the next trip over!
Old Oct 10th, 1999, 07:15 AM
Mary Ann
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It really is nice to read these and find that you are not alone. We got back from 21 days including Paris last Sunday and we do wake up at 4am, and do think about where you were 2, 3 4 weeks ago. I was beginning to think I was really strange. Plus it is that kind of quiet time of the year in October, in Michigan the weather is lousy, thanksgiving and christmas are yet to far away. What is strange was starting to think about planning our next trip (to Australia) which friends thought I was crazy!!!
I do wish I could find a french wine (Brouilly and Provence are hard to come by) and I did consider asking for a french immersion computer language package for Christmas. It is nice to know that these are not weird for those of us who love Europe and traveling.
Old Oct 10th, 1999, 03:03 PM
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For my "pains", I start planning my next trip to Europe. I pull out my photos from my latest trip or previous trips. I email responses to this site and meet people in the area that are also Fodorites. I watch movies such as The French Kiss (mentioned above) and Only You with great Italian scenes. I make special dinners at home which remind me of my trips. I look at the pretty things I've bought along the Amalfi coast and in Paris. I enjoy the ethnic restaurants nearby. You are not alone! Travel is my passion! I understand how you feel.

Old Oct 10th, 1999, 03:21 PM
Pam R
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I go through horrrible withdrawl everytime i return from a trip. The last one was ireland & I just couldn't get over it. The only cure is to start planning that next trip! read the travel books, get brochures, start that itinerary!
Old Oct 10th, 1999, 04:54 PM
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Thanks for leading me to this discussion, is a great help for me to get over the post-london holiday blues!

I've been reading this forum, re-browsing London web-sites, looking for steak and kidney pie recipies, eating Stilton, drinking gallons of tea and watching my tapes of Fawlty Towers to combat this.
Old Oct 10th, 1999, 06:12 PM
Bob Brown
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I just got a nice reminder that I had to come home. My Visa bill came in!!
If I had stayed in Paris at the rate we were spending money, I would be in bankruptcy by the first of January. Perhaps a dose of fiscal realism is not what it takes to jolt some people back to reality, but I saw first hand full well that I could not afford to stay there forever. Perhaps being a miser at heart helps to reverse my longing for those activities that cause me to spend beyond my sustainable means.
But I will get over it and go back for another dose.
Look at it this way. If you get too nostalgic and depressed, you will never plan the return trip! That really would be tragic.
Don't think I didn't start measuring retirement income against cheap living in Paris. Let's see now an apartment runs .....

But, my house is a little too comfortable to want to trade it for something dingy in Paris. Besides, I miss NFL football.
Old Feb 19th, 2001, 01:14 PM
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While doing a search I found this old post that I thought would be fun for people to read. I'm about ready to leave on my next odyssey and anticipate the "back-from-Europe" blues descending in me big time!
Thanks to the contributors!
Old Feb 19th, 2001, 04:06 PM
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I understand how you feel. My friends think I'm crazy. As soon as I return from one trip, I start planning my next. I am a travel addict.. I work to support my habit and look forward to my net European trip. Most of my friend have small children, don't travel and are bored by our travel talk. Since there are no travel groups in our area, my husband decided to start one. Our goal was to find like minded people who wanted to share their experience and perhaps find traveling companions. He put a notice in the travel section of the local newspaper and we had 55 people who responded and came to our first meeting. It was great to meet others who really enjoy traveling and sharing. The group is just getting started, but already we're met alot of interesting people and gotten great ideas for future trips! This has really helped my "travel blues."
Old Feb 19th, 2001, 04:44 PM
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It's been 1 1/2 years since I posted this "back-from-Europe" blues . . . so what a surprise it was to see it today!

Since that time (and since our trip in May of 99) I visit this site every day and this May we'll be back in Europe. I can't wait! (Unfortunately, we never made it in 1999).

It's nice to know others feel the same way and hopefully I won't have such a bad case of the blues . . .
Old Feb 19th, 2001, 05:35 PM
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I think I know how you feel ....

Born in Europe, emigrated to Canada and always missed Europe.

Four years ago my job took me to Paris (I had been there three times before). I thought I would die with the blues when I came home and spent the next twelve months plotting and scheming to get back, and I did over the following twelve months, (I returned four times). Then I expanded my responsibilities and am in Europe at least 8 times a year.

I love EVERY visit but know that I want to live HERE and visit THERE ..... it took me 12 years to learn that ... I believe I live in the best country in the world that ofers me incredible opportunities and allows me to visit, and appreciate, Europe as often as I must. I can't be away for longer than 3 months.

When I need to feel connected to the "European experience", I watch movies and read books .... recently watched the "Ninth Gate" and loved identifying places I'd been to. Being an incurrable Francophile, I devour every book on France recommended by the NYT ... the latest ones have been "The Pleasing Hour" (Lily King), "When the World was Steady" and Chocolate (better than the movie). Try to catch the movie "The Dinner Game" on cable.

I would rather do several short trips than one 3 week trip to Europe. I think you should always walk away wanting more.

But why not plan 4 day trips every 4 months? Is it so much more difficult and expensive from Arizona? I have been to Paris, London & Rome in the "horrible" months (Nov - Feb) and have benefited from low airfares, low hotel prices, few tourists ... as long as you have a stout pair of shoes, a "brolly" and a love of museums and art galleries ... you will love it.

And, as one participant suggested, consider Montreal or Quebec city in Canada ... great restaurants, a European flavour, very kind and welcoming people.

Old Feb 20th, 2001, 09:46 PM
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I have tried to figure out what is at the core of my love for Paris and bring some of those things into my life. Take some time at a coffee shop and have coffee in a real cup, not paper. No more fast food, real meals with real food. What is the part that you really miss? Create it for yourself every day.
PS. there is butter and yougurt at trader joe's that tastes really european. and the cheese too.
Old Feb 20th, 2001, 10:21 PM
mia culpa
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Time for a confessional:
I posted the one and only nasty response way back in the beginning; something about getting a life. I was probably jealous when i read about Carol going back in a years time. I too had just gotten back and was in a crappy mood about it being over...anyway, i felt bad about the post then and i'm happy to get this off my chest...BUT...its not fair that Carol gets to go back before i do..RATS...@#$%#@#
Old Feb 21st, 2001, 08:21 AM
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I have different exerience than other posters when travelling to Europe.

I get very homesick after about two weeks in Europe. This just lasts a few days, but it happens.

When I return home is when I feel exhilarated. I realize I miss (not in any special order) my neighbors, my dogs, flower gardens, fruit trees, berry bushes, tomatoes, comfortable bed, delicious shower etc.

I enjoy Europe immensely, look forward to it, plan for it for a year before going, but for me there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME.
Old Feb 21st, 2001, 08:58 AM
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I'm not being judgemental here, that is not my intent. I am simply posing a question.

Isn't there something a little pathetic about people who venerate and admire another culture to the point of obsession? It reminds me of the unpopular girl at school slobbering over the football captain or her philosophy teacher. Is there something a little off in the psyche of someone who longs for what he or she perceives as a superior culture, landscape, people?
Old Feb 21st, 2001, 09:24 AM
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I am so glad that you posted this topic! I too have this "problem" and constantly wish I was in Europe again. I am always telling people that I am going to live there one day... and as soon as I am off the plane from Europe I am planning my next trip over. And it is always some place new.... I try to go some place different each time so that I can see more.

The web site is a good idea. I have some many pictures I could share. But it's so hard to explain to someone that hasn't been there how wonderful it is - that's jsut soemthing I haven't been able to put into words yet.

But i do love it there and I sugest you start planning your next trip. Watch a movie like someone suggested or go to a French restaurant. I also love looking at other people's sites. These things will atleast get you partly there!

Old Feb 21st, 2001, 11:51 AM
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Hi carol, I know what you mean. I've been traveling back to Europe for the last three years and am looking forward to this years trip. I miss Germany, Italy etc. Have you been to all of the places near you in Tucson. Phoenix is not far, Grand Canyon, Oak Tree Canyon, south into Mexico etc. I noticed one of the authors on this thread is also from Tucson. Get together with them for an occasional lunch/dinner, take your photo albums. Have you been to the petrified forest, painted desert, the crater etc. There is so much to see in our beautiful country, use the opportunity between European trips to round out your knowledge of our country.

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