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Pat Jul 30th, 1998 01:41 PM

Need Heathrow Airport Hotel
Looking for a hotel at Heathrow for a quick stopover- all well known hotels are asking $175 to $250/night - It's only an airport! Don't want a Motel 6, but let's get real - Any suggestions?

Gary Liptrot Jul 31st, 1998 07:07 AM

There is a Marriott Courtyard in the town of <BR>Slough which is only a 10 minute taxi ride. I <BR>have stayed there probably 30 or more nites both <BR>on business and pleasure trips to be close for an <BR>early morning flight. Price varys from $60. to <BR>$90. per nite depending on day of week and season. <BR>It is modern with A/C, big rooms and a play room <BR>for the kids. (They always throw me out) It is <BR>very close to Windsor if you have the time. <BR>DO NOT TAKE A BLACK will cost you up to <BR>35 pounds or more. Call INTERPOINT car service <BR>at 01753 570070 and they will send a car for you. <BR>Cost 14 pounds and I tip them nicely. They will <BR>also pick you up for your flight or the hotel has <BR>a HOT LINE to them. Have a good time and tell <BR>Patrick the beverage manager Gary said HI. <BR> <BR>

Frank Jul 31st, 1998 07:25 AM

Message: There are 3 large hotels at the main entrance to Heathrow which I'm told have a free shuttle to the airport. Bath Rd., West Drayton. Prices start at about $120. for the most expensive of the three. Try

Tom Jul 31st, 1998 08:24 AM

Check out: <BR>Click on Hotels then Heathrow

Mel Roberts Jul 31st, 1998 12:17 PM

Try the Ibis Hotel. There is a courtesy bus every 15 mins from both terminals 1,2,3 and terminal 4. (although this isn't free) The price is 55 per double room per night (about $85?). It's a very modern, clean hotel with everything that you'd need. I can get you the phone number and address if you want (I don't have it to hand), just drop me an email. In any case, have a nice trip!

pat Aug 5th, 1998 02:59 PM

Gary: <BR> <BR>Thanks so much for your helpful information re: Heathrow Hotel - I will say hi to all your buddies when I visit the pub.

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