Need feedback on italy trip in sept

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Need feedback on italy trip in sept

My wife and I are planning a europe trip and needed some feedback on the italy leg of the trip. There are a lot of places we wanna visit and would like to know from experienced travelers if this itinerary is feasible.

Thanks in advance.

Aug 30. Fly out of Austin evening to Amsterdam
Aug 31. Fly in to Amsterdam around noon.
Sept 1. Amsterdam
Sept 2. Amsterdam
Sept 3. early morning depart by train for Paris
Sept 4. Paris
Sept 5. Paris
Sept 6. Fly to Milan early morning --> Lake como stay overnight
Sept 7. Venice
Sept 8. Venice , burano,
Sept 9. Florence, Pisa
Sept 10. Tuscany
Sept 11. Tuscany
Sept 12. Amalfi coast/pompeii
Sept 13. Rome
Sept 14. Rome
Sept 15. Rome
Sept 16. Fly out of Rome in the morning. Reach Austin by evening.
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I think you might want to consider flying from Paris right to Venice, adding a day there. And, if you're serious about this schedule (I'm guessing you are, since you took the time to post a photo on your profile), omit the Amalfi Coast/Pompeii visit on this trip. Transportation connections alone make this particular day infeasible.

The rest is possible - we used to do things like this when we were young - if you and your wife are only interested in getting an overview of bits of Europe, rather than exploring in any depth or maybe even relaxing! And remember that little things tend to go wrong now and then and throw you off schedule - a strike, a lost suitcase, minor health problems, etc. so allow a little extra time in your jam-packed schedule.

Have a great trip, whatever you end up doing!
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Parts of your itinerary are fine, parts are not.

I would take the night train on September 2 from Ams. to Paris, so you have more time in Paris. I would then fly from Paris to Venice on the 6th and leave out Milan and Lake Como. On the afternoon of the 8th, train to Florence and stay two nights. Leave out Pisa. Where in Tuscany (besides Florence) are you staying? It's a big place. Another way would be to base in Florence for those two days you have set aside for Tuscany and take the train or bus to Lucca/ Pisa one day and Siena another. Then on to Rome. You cannot do the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii in one day, so skip that, too.
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Feasible? It's humanly possible for the most part. However, you would be staying in 7-8 hotels which means you will lose upwards of 4 days just moving from place to place in your 16-17 days.

Would you rent a car for the 'Tuscany' days?

On Sept. 6th, which Milan airport? Where would you stay on Lake Como?

Sept. 12 is not feasible. The drive from 'Tuscany' (say, Siena) to 'Amalfi Coast' (say, Positano) is at least 5 hours without any stops for meals/comfort. Traveling by public trans would take another couple of hours.

In the end, it's your trip. But if it were my trip, at a minimum I would skip Lake Como and the Amalfi Coast.
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I think you're loading too much into these 18 days.... Beside jet-leg that will slow you down the first 2-3 days, this itinerary will put you under lots of stress and you'll be in transit too much.

I, personally, as much as I like Amsterdam, I'd skip it, start from Paris, take at least 3 days there (this city is SO full of aroma...), and spend at least 2 days in Florence. I'd skip Pisa, which is out of your way anyhow if you want to travel to wonderful Tuscany, which is worth more than 2 days... 2, maybe even 3 days in Cinque Terre is also something that would absolutely charm you.

BTW, staying only 2 days in Venice: Unless you're specifically interested in glass-blowing, I'd skip Burano. There's so much to see in Venice without Burano.
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Murano is the glass-blowing island. Burano is the island of lace-making and colorful houses. The boat ride from central Venice to Burano takes about 40 minutes each way. It is worth a visit, but perhaps not with such a limited amount of time in Venice. I'd only make the trip if the weather was sunny.
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Thanks for your comments.

Have a few good suggestions which we will take into account:
1) Take a night train from Amsterdam to Paris so we get more time in Paris. We are meeting a few friends in Amsterdam and cant skip it.

2) Skip Milan, lake como. Fly into Venice from Paris and spend the extra day in Burano.

3) Rent a car for Tuscany area. We would like to drive around and explore this area. Havent deceided which places to visit. Any good suggestions there? We like to spend time outdoors rather than in museums.

4) I would love to see Pompeii. Maybe skip amalfi coast?
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You are going to have a lot of travel, too much, and I am the type that likes to travel around a lot. Too many stops.

At least to lessen them, do not stay one night in Pisa or Florence, but do a 3 night stop in Tuscany, in or near a town or city, and see where you want to visit from there. You will be very limited with just 2 full days.

Now from Tuscany to Amalfi Coast or Pompeii will take a whole day's travel (do not even consider doing Pompeii on that same day, you would not have time for sure). So you are really only having one full day on Amalfi Coast or Pompeii. Is it worth all that travel for just one full day? The very very least stay 3 nights on the Amalfi or Sorrento coast (best to base yourself in Sorrento) and to do a day visit to Pompeii and another full day on Amalfi Coast, hiring a private driver for the latter would be the best thing to do, as he would show and stop you at the best places, and it will also save you time.

You said you might take a night train for Paris, but bear in mind that you might be so tired the next day that you would not be able to enjoy it. But it sure would save you some time. Alternatively, you may take a morning flight from Amsterdam to Paris. Check out low cost airlines Ryan Air and Easyjet, they probably do this flights regularly.

Definitely fly to Venice instead of to Milan and skip Como. Again, chech the low cost airlines I mentioned. So now at least you have 3 nights in Venice instead of two. But if you are really determined to go to all these places, I do think that then you can only afford to stay 2 nights in Venice, and do 2 nights in Amalfi coast. Otherwise, you really should skip the last altogether, and add it on to Tuscany. (Pisa/Florence are cities in Tuscany and form part of it.) As I already suggested, base yourself in one place in that region, so that you won't waste even more time to arrive to destination.
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If Pompeii is a must, there are one-day bus tours to Pompeii from Rome; it's a long day, though. You can also do this yourself by train via Naples, switching in station to the Circumvesuviana commuter train to Pompei Scavi.
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