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Jenn Dec 9th, 1998 11:58 AM

Need advice on planning honeymoon trip to Turkey and Greece
We are planning to go to Turkey and Greece (Athens, Crete and Naxos maybe Santorini) for our honeymoon next fall. The plan is to fly into Istanbul tour around Turkey and then fly to Athens, go to the islands and fly home from Athens. Would a tour be the best and safest way to see Turkey? Any advice on places to visit and hotels would be appreciate it. We have about 16 days.

bo_jack Dec 9th, 1998 03:13 PM

Turkey -- at least Istambul and the Agean coast -- are really quite easy as an independent traveler by rental car. You just have to drive defensively and be adventurous. You can easily fill several days and nights in Istambul, alone -- see the sights, ferry up the Bosporus. I cannot imagine subjecting myself to the schedule of a tour while on honeymoon. You could island-hop from Turkey to the Greek mainland -- not really my idea of an ideal honeymoon, but certainly something to tell the kids about.

Howard Dec 9th, 1998 05:55 PM

Check on the islands you want to visit before making any plans--hotels in Santorini closes down in October (maybe late October) and doesn't reopen until April 1. I have also heard that in October Santorini experiences winds that have been known to kill people (blow them off the cliffs). Not the best honeymoon activity. Can't speak for the other islands or Turkey. <BR>

Denise Dec 9th, 1998 11:35 PM

Returned from Turkey 8 weeks ago. We drove from Istanbul to Fethiye and flew back to Istanbul. It is not difficult, drive defensively, not at night and you will enjoy. When you keep off the highway and drive the back roads, the scenery is wonderful, the traffic lighter. You must go to Assos (Bermakale). It is just wonderful. Stay at the Assos Hotel on the water front. I would return to Turkey just to go to Assos again. If you wish you can email me and I will fill you in with great out of the way spots and do and don'ts and prices. <BR>Denise <BR>We have a wonderful 10 days in Turkey, driving 6 of them. <BR>

jenn Dec 10th, 1998 05:23 AM

Thanks! <BR> <BR>We will be going at the beginning of Sept.

Angela Dec 10th, 1998 01:20 PM

Howard certainly has a point about the wind. Last ime I was there in Sept, we could not swim because of the wind, however, we our summer house is on a fairly open cove. Make sure you can pick places that are more shelter. It is easy to just go for the day to local beaches in Turkey that are really nice till the end of Sept. If you want specific suggests on the Bodrum area let me know. It is good that you are going in Sept and not Aug - the tourists (and often the heat) are really too much <BR>at that time of year. You can get from Bodrum to Kos by ferry, about 1/2 hr (I think). For info on crossing to Greece from Turkey check out, then go to transportation - lots of info, esp. on the ferries.

h Dec 10th, 1998 02:45 PM

I am also thinking about honeymooning in turkey in June. Does anyone know if we could drive ourselves from Cappadocia to Antalya and then drive up to Izmir, or is it really difficult driving? We don;t want a tour (except maybe a few days in Cappadocia). Thanks!

Judy Dec 10th, 1998 03:44 PM

I was in the Peace Corps in Turkey from 1968-70 and then returned as a tourist in 1994. We drove from Istanbul to Kuhtaya, Izmir, Pammukale, Bodrum, Antalya, Cappadochia, north along the Black Sea and back to Istanbul. People were friendly and driving fine--just watch for everyone passing on the curves and if you stop for a red light, be sure the gut behind you is stopping as in some villages they completely disregard the lights.

MES Dec 11th, 1998 10:11 AM

Be sure to spend at least 3 days in Athens. It is amazing. Santorini is one of the most beautiful places on earth. (but I guess the wind is a prob for Oct - we were there in May). I would highly recommend Crete. Definitely (I can't stress this enough)go to Khania (I think also spelled Hania). It is super romantic. Iraklion is not as great. Don't forget to check out the ruins at Knossos. I'm jealous - I want to go!

laura Dec 15th, 1998 08:07 AM

Lonely Planet is coming out with thier updated Turkey guide book in Feb. Its a must buy!!

jenn Dec 22nd, 1998 08:20 AM

Thanks for your suggestions!

Larry Dec 24th, 1998 02:24 AM

Hi Jean: <BR> <BR>I've never been toTurkey but my wife and I visited Santorini and Athens last September. We had a wonderful 4 .5 days on Santorini with perfect weather and no wind. In fact, never heard anyone talk of winds that time of year. Maybe they pick-up later in the fall. Anyway, strongly suggest the Volcano's View Villas. It is a great place with 2 pools, a restaurant/bar and sits atop the caldera w/ fantastic views and of course gorgeous sunsets. They offer various accommodation. We choose the studio apartment which had its own private balconey. It was more than adequate and very reasonable ($100 per day). Volcano's Views is located about 2KM from center town Fira and offers free shuttle bus into town. Mo-peds can also be rented at the reception desk. In our opinion, mo-peds are the way to see the island. <BR> <BR>For any more info on Santorini, Volcano's View Villas, etc, check out the internet - search on Greek Island Travel - or contact me at the above address or [email protected]. <BR> <BR>Have a great trip. We are jealous. <BR> <BR>Larry

don May 2nd, 1999 01:25 AM

I met her in Athens, fell in love in Santorini and we've now been married nine years. Don't miss a few days in Santorini. You can fly in if there are time constraints. Just try to go there outside of the heavy summer tourist season when it is very much too crowded. Double check in the travel guides... I think maybe 6-15 through 9-15 is the busy time. Anyway, if you go a week or two outside of this peak time frame it's much better. It much be cool and windy, and it much not be. Either way it will be very romantic. Stay someplace with a view of the caldera. <BR>

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