Need advice on 3 days in Dolomites


Sep 20th, 2005, 09:04 AM
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Need advice on 3 days in Dolomites

I am looking for advice on a scenic drive through the Dolomites. We will be coming from Venice and after the Dolomites will be going to Lake Como (southern Switzerland). I would like to leave Venice on a Friday midday, spend Friday night in the Dolomites, Saturday in the Dolomites, Saturday night in the Dolomites and then get on a train Sunday around noon to go to Lake Como. We are looking for a VERY scenic drive through an area that will give us a good taste of the Dolomites. We aren't looking for lots of action...more like a peaceful, beautiful break in our hectic 2 week trip. The group (2 couples) loves the mountains and little mountain towns(like Wengen, Switzerland), but also like comfortable accommodations (no hostels).

I'm assuming it may be better to take a train on Friday afternoon to get us into the Dolomites and then rent the car once we get there. (or is Venice within easy driving distance?) I'd like to find a large town for our base where we would take train into, rent car in , and then return to two days later for our train trip to Lake Como. I'm assuming that our car rental would be for a pick up/drop off at the same place so a circular route is probably in order. Our two night stay in the Dolomites could be in the same place or in two different places.

From previous research it seems Bolzano may be a good place to get off the train from Venice and use as the start/stop of our 2 day driving loop. Is Bolzano a good choice or is there a better town that is accessible by train from Venice for our start/stop point?

Maybe a better way to ask this question is to ask what is the most picturesque part of the Dolomites and I'll figure out how to get there.

Hopefully I haven't confused you w/ all these questions. Thank you very much for any advice you can give.
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Sep 20th, 2005, 09:27 AM
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Wow these posts come up quick. I posted this and after 30 minutes thought it hadn't appeared so I reposted the question. I didn't relize it had been posted and had already dropped off the page.

Sorry for the double post...don't reply to this question...reply to the initial post w/ same title.
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