Naples airport to Pompie taxi?

Jun 16th, 2013, 07:16 PM
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Naples airport to Pompie taxi?

We are reaching Naples airport at 1 pm and want to stop by Pompie before we head to Sorrento, where we will be staying for next two nights. The taxi we have hired( they call themselves private limo) is charging EUR 160 for two adults and 2 kids. It'll pick us up from the airport, stop at Pompie for 2 hours and take us to Sorrento. Is it reasonably priced or a rip off? Also are two hours enough for Pompie? We are not too much into ruins, but do want to see Pompie while in Italy. Any suggestions to how to best utilize these two hrs and what all to cover in Pompie in two hours?
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Jun 16th, 2013, 07:40 PM
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How old are the kids? What time of year are you going?

Two hours at Pompeii won't give you much time if you hope to explore much of the site. I think the entire excavation is 100 acres (or more?). "We are not too much into ruins..." I suggest you hire a guide at the entrance. Pompeii is so much more than merely ruins.
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Jun 16th, 2013, 10:07 PM
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As for the price of that taxi, it doesn't seem too bad c.f. those on the city's "fixed rate" chart...

... detailed here:


If you can cope with them being in Italian, the official Pompeii website has 2 hour, 1/2 day and whole day itineraries - starting from each of three entrances (with the one at Porta Marina likely to be the busiest) - on offer here:

... with the names they use for individual "houses" etc also appearing on the downloadable 'piantina' there?

With the odd queue to see into some of them - and perhaps a quick stop at the onsite café if hot and tired - not impossible, it's perhaps worth negotiating the cost of an extra hour's stay in advance... rather than having an unpleasant surprise on the day?

And try starting here for an idea of what you'll see:

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Jun 17th, 2013, 04:09 AM
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>>>is charging EUR 160 for two adults and 2 kids. It'll pick us up from the airport, stop at Pompie for 2 hours and take us to Sorrento.<<<

With the waiting at Pompeii, etc. that price sounds reasonable.

Your other option would be take the Curreri shuttle bus (10€)that goes from the airport to Sorrento which makes a stop at Pompeii. The entrance to Pompeii has luggage storage (free). After visiting Pompeii, you could continue on to Sorrento by train (about 2€ - right across the street from Pompeii entrance) or taxi from there.
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Jun 17th, 2013, 10:04 AM
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This is how I would do a 2-hr tour, of course at any point in this 2-hr tour because of your time limitation, interests, etc you can skip sites and re-route yourself (using the map below).

Personally if this was my 1st visit, I would want to see a plaster cast, at #14 that's just a simple walk-in with 2 of them and 1 is a Slave, 1 public bath, 1 private rich house and definitely the Brothel with the 2 theaters as a good option if time allows.

Go to;

[1] For an idea of distance note the 200m scale in the map's upper left corner.

[2] Have the taxi drop you at the 'Porta Marina' entrance, this is *the* major entrance but it is the best place to start. It's in the lower left corner.

[3] After you get your tickets, go back 2000yrs in time. Back then the sea shore was right outside of Pompeii and your ship has just docked.
Walk-up the Via d. Marina, the ruins on the left are Public Baths and then thru the 'City Gate' into the city (Pompeii is a walled and gated city).

[4] Check-out #1 (on map) Temple of Apollo and the Basilica (public bldg used as a court of law) across the street.

[5] Walk over to #2, this is a business where linen was bleached in their factory and then sold to the public.

[6] Walk over to #14, that is a shopping mall where provisions (fish, meat, wine, etc) were sold with 'money changing' shops at the entrance. Enter this site, there are 2 plaster casts of the eruption's victims displayed.
Note 1 victim has a wide belt on, that person was a slave, his and his owner's name would have been written on it.

[7] Walk to #4 a public bath.

[8] Walk to #5, #6, #7 and check-out inside at least one house.

[9] Take a sight-seeing walk-up Via Nola and turn right on Via Stabiana and then turn right at the 2nd street and then a left at the next street, walk down 1 block and stop.

(In the Map's dead-center see the word VIA for the VIA (Stabiana), just below VIA and just to the left is this street corner)

[10] At that street corner is the World's most famous brothel called the Lupanar (it should be busy with tourists entering and leaving so it's hard to miss).
Individual rooms with exotic paintings above the doorways and just as you exit note the small toilet/wc on the right.

[11] Exit and continue down the street to #15 another Public Bath.

[12] And then walk to the area of #16, #17, #18 which has 2 cool theaters (1 large and 1 small) and back-out thru the 'Porta Marina' and to your ship... I mean taxi.
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