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Sandy Jul 9th, 2002 05:21 AM

my sncf screwup
I screwed up and I'm not sure what to do about it. I ordered sncf tickets online to be delivered to the US, since that seemed an option, even though the US wasn't listed. I just sent an e-mail to find out where the tickets were, and got a message back that:<BR>1) they didn't mail tickets to north america<BR>2) I should wait for my tickets<BR>3) I couldn't pick them up in France because I ordered them delivered.<BR><BR>Anyone else have this happen, and what did you do?<BR>Thanks. <BR>Sandy

jill Jul 9th, 2002 05:32 AM

Sandy, I was looking into ordering SNCF tickets online also. While researching it I understand that if you live in the US, SNCF cannot deliver there. You have to pick up the tickets in person at any SNCF boutique in France.<BR><BR>I think you should call SNCF and enquire about what you should do at this point.

Sandy Jul 9th, 2002 05:37 AM

Jill--<BR>I did call, and got someone who was entirely unhelpful, and a couple of other phone numbers that didn't work. I'm just hoping someone out there had the same thing happen. You were smarter than I was, that's for sure. I should have just said I'd pick them up. I wanted the 60 day advance discount, and you can't pick up tickets more than a couple of weeks in advance.

Sue Jul 9th, 2002 05:41 AM

Sandy, are you sure you were even able to ask for your tix to be delivered to the US? When I used that on-line service, delivery to either US or Canada couldn't even be specified - the system simply wouldn't allow it.<BR><BR>Did you get a confirmation emailed to you once you placed your order? This should also have occurred, and it would have given directions for ticket pickup.

Sandy Jul 9th, 2002 06:11 AM

Sue--<BR>I did get a confirmation, with the note that the tickets were being mailed. I think my last resort will be trying to sort it out in Paris. We get there July 23rd and leave the 28th for Switzerland.<BR>Sandy

Christina Jul 9th, 2002 11:10 AM

The SNCF sites states that it will not deliver tickets to the US and US isn't listed for that reason. It could not be an option, so I suspect you filled in your name and address and left the country at whatever it was at default, which is France, probably. The country is not a box to fill out so perhaps you didn't notice it that much, it is printed in purple at whatever you selected on the front page as your country. There isn't any particular discount for booking 60 days ahead that I know of, all those discounts I've read about are good for a long period of time (one is good for booking 8-60 days ahead, another for booking 30-60 days ahead).<BR><BR>It sounds like what they are telling you is their standard response to such a question, not too personal for your case. It sounds like you prepaid, I guess, so you might want to straighten this out as it's possible you could be out that money--if they mailed them to whatever address you filled in only to France or some other country they will probably get lost or be returned to them eventually. SNCF has the statement on their web site that they will not replace lost or stolen tickets. <BR><BR>You might want to ask them what address they were sent to, that's what I would do, in order to get prepared and also to make sure you have seats. I'm just guessing on this from knowing how that web site works, but I'm not sure what you meant by saying that sending them to the US seemed an option even though it wasn't listed. I don't see how you could have put the US in the address for mailing as when I have used it, that was impossible to do.

Sandy Jul 9th, 2002 11:32 AM

Christina--<BR>Since the site let me fill out my address, I figured it was an option. Finally got someone on the phone. Looks like the procedure is to go to the address he gave me in the 10th, where they will refund the tickets they sold me so I can spend the same money to buy new ones. <BR>Live and learn. <BR>

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