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Kelly Jul 21st, 2001 10:26 AM

Nope, checking account in my mom's case...

Diaz Jul 21st, 2001 04:08 PM

I am sorry but I still do not understand why someone would want to use an ATM. It just seems like way to risky because it is a debit transaction. Why not use combination of a credit card, traveler's checks and small cash? I usually like to take sufficient money for our trips(traveler's checks, small cash and credit cards). Last year's trip to Yucatan, my wife wanted us to take less money than I usually do. I agreed. Well, if wasn't enough. Since some places will not take credit cards, and I don't know my credit cards' PIN number because I never withdraw money with them, I hesitantly used my ATM and it was a hassle. Some ATM's are not in English. Furthermore, there will be a charge and sometimes a minimum required to withdraw. Take a Visa, Amex, Traveler's Checks and small cash. It the best way to go.

Private Banker Jul 21st, 2001 04:21 PM

My Private Bank clients are able to access their accounts overseas with no cost to them by the ATM's company that they use. They are able to be a Private or Premier client by maintaining a certain dollar amount relationship with us. I suggest contacting your bank to see if you qualify for special services due to the balances you maintain with your bank.

Bj Jul 21st, 2001 09:06 PM

I have used the ATM card a lot in Germany and Italy. A couple of times it would not work in the machine but when I went into the bank and explained to the teller I was able to obtain the amount I wanted. I have been robbed 3 times in Europe ( yes! I was taking every precaution but was told by the police that the gypsys will get your money "even if it is in a safe around your neck") Sooo I do not take much cash anymore, nor travelers checks. The ATM is very handy. BE SURE to make photo copies of all your credit cards, passport, and drivers license or other forms of ID. Leave one copy at home, keep one copy in your luggage, and give a copy to a travel companion. It really saves time and trouble if you do get robbed.

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