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lisa&wayne Aug 13th, 1999 03:02 PM

Must see places in London, Paris, Rome.
We are planning to visit London, Paris, and Rome for our honeymoon. What are the must see places in these cities? Any advice on any of the cities is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Jeff Aug 13th, 1999 03:39 PM

Hi Lisa and Wayne, <BR> May I first say congratulations. I've not been to Rome, so I can't help you there. I have been to London several times and also Paris. <BR> My must see list in London is: <BR> 1) Tower of London- You could easily spend a day there <BR> 2) Hampton Court- A wonderful day trip just outside London <BR> 3) Westminster Abbey <BR> 4) National Gallery <BR> 5) Windsor Castle <BR> 6) Trafalger Square- go to St. Martins in the field and eat at the Cafe <BR>in the Crypt for lunch <BR> 7) Kensington Palace- Have afternoon tea at the Orangery. <BR> 8) definitely walk the parks. If you're in Hyde Park on Sunday, go to Speaker's Corner. Also don't miss St. James Park. <BR> 9) go see a west end play. I saw "Plenty" when I was there in May. <BR> 10) go to a neat pub. One of my favorites is the Salisbury near the Albery Theatre. My other favorite is the Scardale (in Kensington) <BR> 11) see the lights at night at Piccadilly Circus <BR> This just starts the list. I love London. It's one of my favorite European cities. <BR> <BR>Paris is very romantic (by anyone's standards) <BR> My must see list includes: <BR> 1)Notre Dame <BR> 2)the Louvre <BR> 3)Arc de Triomphe <BR> 4)Palace of Versailles <BR> 5)the Sacre Coeur <BR> 6)Have a great meal at one of the many great restaurants i.e. The Vagenende <BR> 7)Go for a cruise on the Seine <BR> 8)If you like museums, see the Musee d'Orsay <BR> 9)Have lunch at a street side cafe. <BR> 10)Eiffel tower (of course) Going through customs in Paris can be a real drag. Don't let it spoil your day; It can be quite a wait. Paris is a beautiful city, but definitely check out your hotel before going. The rooms tend to be very small. I did not have a nice hotel the first time I went. I trusted a travel agent for my lodging. I wouldn't do that again. I make all my own arrangements now. <BR> The tubes are very nice and efficient in both London and Paris. I hope this informations helps you out some. Have a great time!

Gary Aug 14th, 1999 11:58 AM

Lisa & Wayne: <BR> <BR>Have been to all three places in last three years. Here are some thoughts: <BR> <BR>London: Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Harrods (just to see it, unless you hit one of their 2 semi-annual sales, too expensive to buy, but don't miss the food courts downstairs), Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, London Museum (great Egyptian exhibit). Take one of the bus tours (double decker red buses that shows you all sights of the city in a couple of hours - it will help you determine what you want to see, and this is true in all three cities). <BR>Paris: Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Musee d'Orsay, Musee de l'Orangerie (if you like Monet, it's the best), Notre Dame, Arc d'Triomphe. <BR>Rome: Just came back. The Vatican for sure, Duomo, Coliseum. <BR>In all three cities, just walk around, the atmosphere is fantastic. Also, we have used subway system everywhere without any problem. <BR> <BR>Good luck with the wedding and the trip! <BR>

Kim Aug 14th, 1999 12:53 PM

I just got back from a France vacation. I've been to Paris a few times and the other suggestions are very good. <BR> <BR>If you want to steer away from crowds and have a nice view of a less touristy Paris go to the Luxembourg Gardens in the Latine Quarter. It's only a short walk(20min) from Notre Dame. It is gorgeous. There are paths for walking, flowers, a fruit orchard, picnic spots, a great fountain. It's also not far from the Pantheon. <BR> <BR>A nice really French restaurant in the Latin Quater that is well worth it is "Vigneron". I forget the street but it is off of Tournefort, not far from the Pantheon. <BR> <BR>I hope you have a nice time. <BR>Kim

Georgetta Cannon Aug 15th, 1999 02:08 PM

Hi, <BR> The lists above are excellent! In Paris I would also suggest the Rodin museum and gardens, located near Napoleon's tomb, and yet another church, Ste. Chappelle, very near to Notre Dame. Any guidebook can give you directions to these. <BR> Bye, <BR>G.Cannon

kristi Aug 16th, 1999 06:44 AM

Congratulations Lisa and Wayne! <BR> <BR>My London must sees are the Tower of London, Hampton Court (short train ride from London), Portobello Road market and Westminster Abbey. A lot of people on the forum have recommended the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London at night-I'm going for the first time in a couple of weeks. If you're interested in theater, there is a half price booth in Leicester Square that sells tickets for that day's shows or if you want to reserve in advance, ticketmaster has a site at <BR> <BR>My must sees for Paris include the Musee d'Orsay (a must if you like impressionism), Versailles (a short train ride from Paris), the Eiffel Tower, strolling down the Champs-Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame. If you are planning on being in Paris for several days and plan on going to a lot of sites, get a Museum card (Carte de Musee, I believe). Not only does it save on admission, but most importantly cuts you to the front of the lines and is also good at Versailles. <BR> <BR>My must sees for Rome include the Vatican and Sistene Chapel (go early to avoid lines), the Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps, and the Coliseum. We also took a day trip down to Pompeii which was fabulous but I'd only recommend that if you are there for more than 4 or 5 days. <BR> <BR>Public transportation is excellent in all three cities and there are a variety of one day passes, travelcards and packets of tickets that can save you money. <BR> <BR>Have a great trip!

sabrina Aug 16th, 1999 11:04 AM

Congrats Lisa and Wayne, <BR> <BR>I can give you Rome and London now. I head to Paris at the beginning of September. <BR> <BR>Rome: Vatican City, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica; Spanish steps, shopping on Via Veneto and Via Condotte. Eat at a restaurant called Re Ferdinando (small, family-owned, reasonably priced and very romantic). Take a day trip on the rail to Florence if you can. <BR> <BR>London: Take the Red double decker bus tour. You can get on and off all day and it hits all the major sites: Buckingham Palace, Tower of London and so on. Make sure you get to Covent Garden for the street market and the performers. And Trafalgar Square (never mind the birds). Go to the National Museum (it's free!). Piccadilly Circus area is fun. Get a half-price ticket to a broadway show. Head to Brixton for shopping on "Electric Ave." and some great Caribbean food. <BR> <BR>Have fun!

Brent Aug 16th, 1999 05:56 PM

We just got back from a week in London and one of the highlights was a bus tour with Evan Evans Tours ( It took us by all of the must sees and included a relaxing luncheon cruise on the Thames, entrance to the Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, and the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Our guide was very knowledgeable and the buses were very comfortable. I highly recommend the London Highlights tour.

steve Aug 16th, 1999 08:15 PM

In addition to the excellent suggestions already posted I would add an evening boat tour on the Seine in Paris. Sure it's touristy but it is a wonderful way to see Paris from a beautiful perspective. In Rome stroll around the Trevi fountain and Piazza Navona area-lots of restaurants, bars and fine gelato places. All three cities are great places to walk and soak in all they have to offer. Congrats and have a wonderful trip.

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