Musicals in London

May 18th, 2000, 03:31 AM
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Musicals in London

My mother (who is 72)is coming from Poland to meet me in London before my departure to Tanzania. I would like to get tickets to some great musical. What would you recommend we see and what is the best way to get tickets? Thanks
May 18th, 2000, 05:12 AM
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here are ways of getting info and tickets
Theatre book tickets without agency fees Theatre and concert schedules,
reviews, seating plans, prices,
tickets, seating charts
At any news stand you can buy the magazines Time Out or What's On in London. You can order on the phone with a credit card.

To try to get last-minute tickets for a very popular show, try going to the box office of the theater on the same day. Most open by 10am. They sometimes have house seats or returned tickets to sell.

Stop at the same-day box office in Leicester Square in the West End theatre district to see what theatre bargains may be available. Cash only, and sometimes the line is very long. Can purchase up to 4 tickets for one show.
The "hottest" shows will not be available, with very rare exceptions.
The Leicester Square half price booth is open Monday through Saturday from noon for matinee performances and from 2:30 until 6:00 for evening performances. The earlier you arrive the better your chances for getting tickets for some show that interests you.

Ticket brokers:

In the US and in London. Both Edwards and Edwards, and Keith Prowse, are ticket agencies that for a mark-up can often get you tickets for popular shows. For E & E. call toll free in the US 800 223 6108. For Keith Prowse, call 800 669 8687. They have good automated systems which can send faxes of their brochures, and both have offices in New York City.

Edwards and Edwards: in London, phone 0171 734 4555

Keith Prowse: in London, phone 0171 836 9001

First Call: in London, phone 0171 497 9977
Good Show charges a flat fee ($25, 6/99) for two plays, up to six tickets per show. For each additional show there is a $10 fee, again for up to six tickets. The site also provides theatre reviews, schedules.
May 18th, 2000, 08:34 AM
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Nancy -
I was in London in March and got seats to see "Fosse" at the Prince of Wales Theatre. It was wonderful. It was all song and dance numbers from other Bob Fosse plays, so there was no plot to follow. If you had to use the ladies room, you weren't lost when you got back! It was very enjoyable.

We walked up to the ticket window a couple of days before and bought tickets. We were amazed to see our tickets were for third row center. They were great seats. I think it just depends on the popularity of the play and when you're able to go. Good luck!

May 18th, 2000, 08:05 PM
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Two hottest shows around of course are Lion King and Mamma Mia both playing in London. Good tickets may be hard to come by though. Cameron Macintosh's new musical Witches of Eastwick is opening soon I think. Check those sites mentioned here. For any show even if they tell you its sold out keep checking/calling every day. Held seats are realeased daily sometimes right up to the performance date.
May 19th, 2000, 12:26 AM
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Your mother may enjoy the new production of 'The King and I' at the London Pallidium. It stars Jason Scot Lee and Elaine Page. Welcome to London
May 19th, 2000, 04:41 PM
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Nancy, I just got reservation for The King and I for June 13. Have you seen the production? Also, I got the tickets through Lashmars Theatre Tickets. Ticketmaster had upper balcony in the back. Lashmars got us in the stalls in the 8th row.

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