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BarbaraJoan Mar 23rd, 2016 06:56 AM

munich to Salzburg: why are there 2 different "flex preis"?
In April, we will be flying to Munich to begin our Eastern Europe trip. Our flight will arrive at MUC in the morning and we will take the train from the airport to Salzburg (changing at Munich HBF). I can't book the saver fare because I can't be sure our plane will be on time or how long customs will take. But I'd still like to have our tickets in hand so we can hop on the first available train. So I want FlexPreis tickets, purchased on line. However, the OEBB website has a mystery I can't figure out. There are 2 kinds of trains on that route: S,M and S,RJ. The travel times are virtually identical, so if one is an express there's no advantage in it. Nonetheless, FlexPreis tickets for the S,M train are 34.5 euros and the ones for the S,RJ train are are 41. Which leads (finally) to my question: if I buy the cheaper S,M FlexPreis tickets will we be allowed onto the S,RJ train, if that one's leaving first? If not, why does OEBB advertise that a Flex Preis will get you onto any train? And if so, why the price difference? It all makes no sense to me. And another thing: how can you reserve a seat, if you don't know what train you'll be on? Another mystery. Please, I'd love to hear from anyone who knows the system well enough to explain. Thanks,

traveller1959 Mar 23rd, 2016 07:21 AM

No mysteries, just understanding the system.

FlexPreis does not mean that you can take ANY train. It means that you can take any train of a certain category. "M" means Meridian and "RJ" means "Railjet". Since RJ is slightly faster, it is slightly more expensive. If you book a ticket that includes RJ, you can take either an M or RJ train. If you book a ticket for M, than you are not allowed to go an an RJ.

>>how can you reserve a seat, if you don't know what train you'll be on?<<

Your reservation will be void, if you do not get the train that you have reserved. However, reservations are inexpensive, so you may reserve although there is a risk that you do not get that train. At busy times and with larger travelling parties, people even make multiple reservations if they are not sure which train they will get. Or do not make a reservation at all.

sla019 Mar 23rd, 2016 07:56 AM

If you depart after 9:00 you can travel with a Bayernticket (28 E. for two). It is valid on the "S" (S-Bahn to Munic Central) and the "M" (Meridian, from MC to Salzburg), it is not valid on "RJ" (OEBB's RailJet) or "EC" / "IC" (DB's EuroCity / InterCity).

quokka Mar 23rd, 2016 03:35 PM

The Meridian qualifies as a regional train, while Railjet, EuroCity and InterCity are long-distance trains. Hence the different fares.

The Bayern-Ticket is your best bet if you take regional trains.

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