Munich or Vennice ?!?!?


Dec 10th, 1997, 11:48 AM
Sang Hyun Park
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Munich or Vennice ?!?!?

Hi !!!
I need your opinion on two different cities. I am sure both of them are just great but I have only time for one city. Can you share your opinion on this with me??

Thanx and have a great day.
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Dec 10th, 1997, 02:15 PM
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I'd vote for Venice over Munich. Venice is one of the most uniques cities in the world. Munich, to some extent, is another cosmopolitan city along the lines of Zurich, Vienna, and Dublin. Be sure to allow at least two days for Venice.
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Dec 10th, 1997, 03:40 PM
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I agree with fellow traveler Steve. Venice is so darn unique, it is hard to describe it. I have read many descriptions, both current(from travel magazines and travel books) and old (from Casanova's letters and memoirs, from authors who lived there in the 18th, 19th centuries), but nothing comes close to how you will feel as you are living there for two or three or four or five days time. You just have to go there to believe it. Honest. I fell in love with the mystery of it all: it is old, it is on the water, you walk everywhere, you get to where you want to go in a very short time, you always find your way, you see beautifully dressed people, you shop in lovely stores for treasures to take home, the 4 and 5 star hotel concierges bend over backwards to serve you, the cuisine is excellent, and the people very lovely. Now, those are my experiences! As a seasoned traveler, I also take a deep breath and put up with the things that other people complain about that are out of my control: the weather(sometimes it rains, sometimes the water gets high and you have to walk on hastily set up boardwalks, so what); the sometimes fishy smell (you are on the water, it is in the water); the prices (it is Europe and you are a guest); the customs (it is Europe and you are a guest); the pickpockets (take heed, be prepared, leave valuables at home). Munich doesn't do anything for me, it is a big city, no question about my choice. Best of luck, have a great trip, pick a great hotel like the Bauer Grunwald, the Gritti, or the Danieli, and spend freely.
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Dec 11th, 1997, 01:03 PM
Rod Hoots
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I've spent nine years in Europe and been to Munich and Venice many times. Munich is a nice place but doesn't compare to Venice for a short vacation. Comments submitted by the above are right on the mark. Especially agree with the hotel recommendations - staying in one of those world class places will add immensely to the pleasure of your stay.
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