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lisa4 Jun 22nd, 2007 06:04 AM

Munich/Fussen/Garmisch Travel concerns
My husband and I would like to go to Munich in November, prpbably staying around 6 days. Usually we travel to a big city and use the time walking around and sightseeing. I cant fathom going to Munich and skipping the romantic road sights.

Optimally I would like to spend a night in Fussen or Garmisch. I am a little concerned regarding all of the time it would take to travel on the train and the level of complexity.

I would rent a car, but I am concerned about driving through the mountains. We are not faint of heart we drive in NYC just this is unfamiliar territory.

I would really love for my husband and I to be able to share in the beautiful sights but am afraid to tread away from the familiar one city travel.

Any thoughts? How complex would the travel be? Would we be allowing enough time? Should we bag it and go to London?

swandav2000 Jun 22nd, 2007 06:09 AM

Hi lisa4,

Taking the train is very easy and very relaxing. You can find your schedule at the German train site (, then click on "International Guests") and get the departure time & the track number.

At the station, just find the track number and get on the train. There are no changes between Munich & Garmisch, so it's an easy shot. I think the journey is just over an hour.

There are lines of taxis outside the Garmisch train station to whisk you to your hotel.

Have fun!


Samsaf Jun 22nd, 2007 06:10 AM

My husband and son went to Munich, Fussen and Garmisch in April of this year. They rented a car (first time we've rented a car in Europe) and drove from Munich.

Husband was a little apprehensive about driving in Germany, but he said there were absolutely no problems. They drove from Munich to Garmisch for a couple of nights, then to Fussen, then to Rothenburg, and then back to Munich. He said he would definitely rent a car again.

Russ Jun 22nd, 2007 06:38 AM

There are direct trains from Munich every 2 hours or so - these are interspersed by departures that require one change of train. Takes 2 hours to get there. Scenery is beautiful, no troubles picking up or dropping off a car, no traffic worries exiting or re-entering Munich. In the a.m., 8:52 and 10:51 trains are direct. Check link above for yourself.

Dukey Jun 22nd, 2007 06:46 AM


I suspect the reason this seems so daunting to you is because you have never done it (unlike all the REST of us on this thread who HAVE and now think it is a don't get intimidated yet).

As to the trip from Munich to Fuessen..even if you do have to change trains (undoubtedly in Buchloe) that is about as easy as it gets. Why? because there are only about two platforms at that station and the train to Fuessen would be almost impossible to miss.

Driving to Fuessen and seeing all the sights, castles, etc., is a LOT more convenient to do by car but you'll both probably be a lot more relaxed if you go by train. The drive down isn't all that bad, either, but you would not need or want a car IN Munich so I'd bag that whole idea.

getting to the sites from Fuessen can easily be done by taxi in some cases or by public bus.

Go for it.

Dukey Jun 22nd, 2007 06:48 AM

PS..I will say that having a car would mean you could go directly from Garmisch to Fuessen and vice versa..or at least more directly than by rail

Sue878 Jun 22nd, 2007 07:35 AM

My husband & I rented a car last month in Munich and drove to Rothenburg, then down Romantic Road to Fussen then to Mittenwald and the to Berchesgaden (spelling may not be correct). We drove thru the Mountains most of the time (no trouble) and on the autobahn. It was alot easier then we thought. We got lost a couple of times by missing the road, but we just turned around. We got to see alot more then if we had gone on the train. Just a detailed map.
We ended up the driving back to airport outside Munich to turn in rental car.

Sue878 Jun 22nd, 2007 07:39 AM

I meant to say GET a detailed map of Germany or Bavaria area

AisleSeat Jun 22nd, 2007 07:41 AM

Your concern may be about weather in November and how it will affect the roads in the alps. The roads are good and the Germans and Austrians keep them well maintained. If you are still concerned for about $20 moer per day you can request snow tires.

The area between Garmish and Fussen is full of wonderful delights like the Ettal Monastary, Linderhoff, Oberammergau, and Wiesekirche. If you take the train you won't have the chance to explore these.

Although you are in the mountains it is not like driving on the edge of the cliff.

Also close by are Bertschesgaden, Mittenwald, Salzburg, and Herren Chiemsee. It is a great area to see. Have fun.

robertino Jun 22nd, 2007 07:44 AM

Definitely rent a car. Driving is a real pleasure in Germany. Getting out of Munich is no problem, but I would suggest mapping out your route beforehand.

The roads around Fuessen and Garmisch aren't generally what you'd think of as mountain roads, in a kind of twisting, hairpin turn, switchback sense - they're just excellent easy roads. And don't worry about snow or ice either. I will add that there's an especially beautiful side road from Munich to Garmicsh that goes past Kochelsee and Walchensee that is a bit more mountainous but definitely worth it.

Having a car gives you a lot of flexibility and allows you to see lots more that a train. Going to places like Linderhof or the really exquisite Wieskirche is easy with a car but I imagine quite difficult and time consuming with public transportation.

If you happen to pop into Austria, you'll need a Vignette. Just pick one up at a gas station at the border.


ira Jun 22nd, 2007 10:59 AM

Hi Lisa,

Just got back from driving from south of Fuessen up to Rothenburg via Linderhof and Oberammergau.

Piece of cake.

Haven't done the Munich to Fuessen part, but you can take the A95 (major highway) south to Oberau and pick up the Linder Gries to Fuessen outside Ettal.

This would be the only pat of the trip where you might have difficulty in the mountains at that time of year.

Alternatively, take the A96 west to Landsberg am Lech and the D17 south to Fuessen. You will skirt the mountains entirely.


My trip report is at


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